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Welcome back it's just it's just so I don't care we are so excited to have the the authors or the stewards or however you want to describe yourself I've often called you conspirators of the new joy of cooking the updated joy of cooking cookbook and we're going to do a whole series on this book because it's Terry said my favorite is when would you say oh yeah absolutely as a as an American cookbook I am only yeah because I my wife introduced me to it and a great great book so this week we're gonna get delve into their history it's got a quite the history we're going to go in in future weeks into with all the six hundred new recipes that are have been added to the book of maybe some of the ones that have been taken out I'm gonna do a whole show on baking and we're gonna do a whole show on beginner cooks and how do they how do they approach the book it has to be a book make them more successful in that process to turn the corner I'm loving to cook but first make it's got John Becker welcome to the show let's talk about the history of the joy of cooking and how you guys got work who are you where do you come from and how you've got this this incredible opportunity to affect one of America's greatest cookbooks well it says straight up nepotism I have worked for generation of the family to take up the the the task of revising joy of cooking hi my great grandmother Irma I have self published a book in nineteen thirty one this is you know she her husband passed away she took half of her life savings and just got a wild hair and decided that she had just with that with despite not really having any any renown in the Kitchener or professional training that she she's gonna publishes cookbook and during I mean during the Great Depression the great just what blows my mind is that she even had that idea not like I could we could see it seems so I'm unlikely that it would be successful but she what armor was bringing to the table was at the time a lot of cookbooks were very dry kind of home economics focused cookbooks and she had a really incredible sense of humor she was very rich witty and she really injected that into the first edition of joy and I think her readers saw that and it was just a complete it was completely new at the time to do something like that it was a very personal cookbook and I think that that sense of Irma being kind of your friend in the kitchen rather than a teacher who was you know standing at a podium and telling you what to do really resonated.

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