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It's weird. You know, what else we got there like an hour early. I wanted to get their hours early and be at the hotel. But we got the about an hour. Maybe fifteen minutes early and we went right down. And we get the word, you know, only one is this a member we call seven already in the parking lot. But when we get in there. He's really the only one there. Katie tellers there Kate. On off in a corner alone traina wasn't there, you know, they train right here in Connecticut. You know, it's not right here. I'm in jersey. But it's the tri-state area Tri state drive for me. But bras Ross wasn't this or to, you know, get that solidification, but. Yes. Acuity gives out is shit. It's too early. I can't be in here yet. And then boom Eddie's right hand man, Anthony lever. This I'm telling these sheet, they crazy Anthony leaves they good. Give us the gold, bracelets. Go bays up. If the man says, you good man says. Unpack. That happen or? In a process, we we had the pack 'cause I always come like this. Utility outlets charge on my battery. I become twelve battery. You know, I'm coming into work coming into work. But listen, I'm going to say about this Frank Warren getting back on topic. A new certain was wrong. I knew certain was fishy. I'm still hoping that this is just buildup that that they're saying no, this is good for the fight for us to talk about it and have people talking about it keep refreshing their minds, but the last time that wasn't any of this back and forth. There wasn't any of this. What he's worth what we're worth and. It's got me nervous. The does have me nervous. Well, I think later switching top aches. Now who's deflecting on voshel? Listen. No, I'm with you up. With the I know you told us everything, you know. I know you did. Yeah. I know you wouldn't hold out information. I mean, unless it was off the record and you couldn't. But no, you're absolutely right. I it's not a good thing. It isn't. I will say that last time around, you know, fury didn't have so many chips on his side. That's the thing. See people try to make boxing in wish into this like peachy, like, you know, hey, let's all get along type of thing, which I wish it was, you know, during the, you know, great, Cold War. Everybody was like why can't we all just worked together? Like, why can't double delahoya Bob era? Maritchev shame for you know, why can't they all get along HBO Showtime? That's not the way this works. When you got clout you exploit that clout, Kathy Deuba. Okay. Who I think I not who I respect so much in. What was a pioneer in this sport? And squeeze so much out of a lot of so little sometimes. Once she got Cova left. She was talking all this about Adana Stevenson in our Heyman and taking him to court. Why won't you fight this fight? Why won't you do this the minute that Kobo Lua, bro? They got boozy they are so boosy and she played those cards as she played those chips cove left, and she knew she had a man. As she played it like she had them in. You know what I'm saying? So this is no different warrant is in a position where fury did something credible. He did something great. He did something. Unexpected any thing that gave him more clout this time around more chips on his side this time around so yeah, I expect that but I wish we didn't have to our wish you assigned so delivered. The good news is though unlike a few weeks ago, when we were speculating all these things, and and so much was being talked about these guys not fighting each other. That is no longer the case. The only names we're hearing in their mouths now or each other's. We're all we keep heading towards that goal line. You know, it maybe sometimes the the ball doesn't give as much maybe sometimes screw Nicole on a little bit, right? Is fifty fifty talk is kinda nervous because boxing is all about money. And if you're saying that fifty fifty eight the problem is only money the problem when we got a problem because that's not the it's..

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