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The restrictor plates that are off I think having just the regular tag match puts restrictor plates on certain tag teams, and I think the Bucks fall into that category with one last thing I want to bring up here before we close up shop on this week's edition the show since we're talking about a w and we have a really talk about aw all that much lately since really all out. I thought the grocery show on Wednesday was one of the more men dynamites I've seen in a while didn't I'd enjoy it that much. I understand that and it's like this weird transition before they ramp up towards wage. The next pay-per-view and early November but I outside of the mjf Jericho stuff which maybe my favorite thing in wrestling right now. I think that's is is great and their segments are brilliant and the dialogue is fantastic. I thought the show was met doctor tray. I mean am I alone here? I feel like aw has not been hitting out of the park. Like they we've been accustomed to lately mean on the other side of the coin on Wednesday night. I think NXT is just like this slow and steady vessel that does Iraq too much you're starting to see them create new stars create new feuds Dexter Loomis can find Rhymes. They were going the rich Holland Adam Cole route before that injury took place the stuff with Killian Dain and Drake Maverick have has been fantastic that theme song is awesome wage. Like I just feel like aw is kind of just kind of gone through some meth phases lately. Well, I mean opposite I think the the Jericho 30th Anniversary show is better than the a ew one year anniversary show. When you look at that card over all your like on paper wage should be a great show. But then you watch the match like this sheet of big small match. I was okay, but then there's a ton of missed, you know, kind of blown spots in there. You gotta be a mess it all up and then you get into best friends and and FDR you're like there should be a great match and then you're like it was okay, you know, and then you get into Moxley and Archer which I thought I thought was a good really good match and then I hated the finish. So it just kind of tapped, you know tamps down everything for me times. Like it's your right like to me it was like a month. Okay show Cody and and orange Kathy on paper to me. That should be great. But then watching him like, once again, it's one of the one Cody wrestles a baby face off. Who to root for and then Cody starts working he'll and I'm like a little bit he'll if I'm like, well, I don't like this Cody, especially my clean-cut Babyface right now. Like it's it kind of jumps all over the place like and you're like you said the Highlight was Jericho mjf. And that was one of the best and funniest and well-written segments. I've seen in near the last year at least so that's like my highlight. I was waiting to see em go at it. Yeah, and I think the only thing and it literally was as a show was closing was whatever promo any case it was cutting like that was great. But yeah, I don't know. It just was not not not great not great at all lately for a w so with that being says, let's close up shop on this week's edition of the still real to show for October 15th. 2020 G number 557 will get a couple of plugs and sponsors out of the way as you can download the show every Thursday at the bower show. Com Russell chatnet on Twitter and the stove realtor showed iTunes Fein. Don't forget to rep. Will be unsubscribed help us climb the charts on iTunes you could follow us individually on Twitter for myself at SRT you Jeff and for dr. Dre Franklin at the Doctor Dre. And of course don't forget to follow the show on Twitter at SRT you podcast with that being said, what is going on the one for World of doctor Franklin this week? Well, like Jeff said you can follow me on Twitter at the Doctor Dre. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. Dr. Dre Franklin when you're on Facebook checkout rocket League championship wrestling, even though technically I am retired from Rocket City But be sure to check them out because the affiliation with ovw doing really well as long we have a big show coming up this weekend. And then also November 7th and Wi-Fi Gangrel versus in voting for the Rocket City championship wrestling heavyweight titles looking for that sandwich place work and any videos and pictures when I got older about our Facebook page as well. There you go. So go support the great things that support the snow realtor show and then join us next week Thursday. Here as we will be back on October 22nd. We'll be previewing and predicting Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory their biggest show of the year. And of course WL and it's nice looking at week one of the new rosters for Raw and SmackDown and of course anything that goes on with a wnxt and so much more. If you have anything that you'd like to have.

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