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With coming. Id four and a few others far far more conservative with how the batteries now as time goes on that will over the air updates and you get more range and stuff like that. But would i've chosen. This is my utility vehicle the year possibly because it is sort of revolutionary for detroit. So yeah i haven't driven one again. I'm trying to get one to drive going back and forth with people at ford right now. I'm excited to drive it. Because i want my reservations to be put aside. I wanna see ford succeed at this. And i hope that they get the product launch right to me. I look at this as your mustang point. I feel like it's a situation. Where a lot of people know the mustang named love the mustang name but a two door car doesn't fit in. They're buying profile right. And so this gives them something in the mustang brand to sell the people that they can actually buy and actually justify buying because outside of the enthusiast that mustang name people know it but like a mustang is a daily driver makes no sense for me. I'll see daily drove mustangs for ten years. So fair and even through like big powerful supercharged. V eight versions through through the winters of detroit. And i've done it. Wow okay objection. Noted and i'm looking forward to seeing how this goes. I hope that you do get the chance to drive it. I'd love to get a chance to properly drive. Driven tesla and i drive a hybrid electric now and in electric mode. It is a fun car to me. I feel like if we can make improvements as this in this transition period. I think that's only good for the detroit three agreed and the one thing where ford and not just ford but jams coming out with the bolt. Suv next year. Obviously we talked about volkswagen and with their with their eighty four but more affordable air quotes affordable. Because you know it's still a forty fifty thousand dollar vehicle. I at borderlines on being affordable but the build quality is really going to be a shocker. Like tesla fan boys or fan people. Whatever you wanna call it. They overlook just how bad an inconsistent to build on their vehicles. Are it's bad. There's grand canyon lake gaps between and. I've seen it personally with vehicles. Not all but that's all thing like it's really a crapshoot and that's one thing to me. It's like it is completely inconsistent and that to me is what worries me about the build quality like if it's a cheap car and it's kind of and it's consistent it's like oh i know what this car is right like i get it if this is a ten thousand dollar car. It's gonna feel like a ten thousand dollar car. And i'm fine with that. 'cause i'm paying that money there is a degree of you've spent so much money into it and then you gotta really feel good about your purchase. i've been in texas. They're fun. I mean they're fund b. in the build quality just does not match a modern vehicle when you look at one hundred thousand dollar model x. Suv with the falcon door. Deal and you spent one hundred thousand dollars in this vehicle and you look and not only the gaps but just panels and line just being completely off. If this was any other manufacturer you'd be screaming at the poor quality. But because it's a tesla it's acceptable in the model three and the model y the material to use on the seats and on the dash and stuff like that again..

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