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Right i mean it's part of the show your home but a lot of like the ones that i really really want to try their it's you have to commit to a bomber and not that i can't finish the bomber an episode i have just that will be the last episode we record that day yeah that's the way to do it i'm just drinking coffee what kind of kathy some sort of medium rose from whole foods i guess i don't know the name so i can't expense it awesome assay i haven't heard of some sorta some sort of what oh some sort of some sort of is actually the most exclusive levion most hipster don't view roasting facility in denver if you know about it they're actually coming for you now you're not allowed to know about this but some sorta check them out as as tom don't feel bad most of my jokes are so good that just no one gets them because they are so so during the bleeding edge and people just aren't there yet they're just go right over everyone's heads but now to my head jokes short people i'm also sure don't feel bad and laura laura's i'm five four i'm short compared to like nba players or some here you're damn tall dude you're your basic mba player which is weird because in college a bunch of the people in my dorm were taller than me i it's just something they put in the food in the mid west i think it's so weird because we record and when we're on skype where the same height you know like you're in the middle of my screen or wherever i put you on my screen and then we are.

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