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We begin with the first rule which of course says to imply i think bradley was doing pretty well with this rule though i don't know that i would rate him quite as high as he rated himself when he said an episode ago i feel like i'm playing a plus yeah that's at the time i said on twitter that he was either getting voted out that night or he was going to win as off by one episode i did say that that was for shattering when he's eight plus game you but even so jeff probst told entertainment weekly this week that bradley is very bright he's clearly got ahead for the strategy of survivor and i would agree very quickly on day two he was part of an alliance of himself wendell dominic morgan kellyn he later added sebastian someone he knew would never flip on him and then the first swap came and i think this is where bradley really showed his strategic abilities per brendan's interviews and what we saw on tv bradley and kellyn we're basically in charge of their alliance keeping an eye on the opposing tribe mates stephanie in an interview said bradley and calendar a power couple and had the other three as minions following along with them bradley instituted the boston rob buddy system to make sure the melos were never alone without being followed by an original navidi now with that said i'm not sure where the buddy was when michael found his first idol but you know brendan told mike bloom that bradley had the leadership role to that point and he determined when they interacted who they interact with etc.

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