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Koper soldier Cowards liars And he's hip. Attacked me that's. The drama but what's the real working relationship between a politician and? Their bodyguard we'll hear from both And your. Starter for ten, how does somebody become as clever as this Darwin Goldfine notes foil? Foil is correct yes Associate Goldfine females, Jade Jade is? Correct Goldfine hosts the last of? Us, do you, spend, your, time doing yes Today's reader? Is A huge rescue and relief operation being mounted in the southern Indian state of Carolina where unusually. Heavy monsoon, rains of course what officials are describing as the worst flooding century more than three hundred and twenty people have died in Carolina since the rainy season, began in June most of them in the past ten, days and one three hundred thousand people have been made. Homeless across India Nelia thousand people. Have been. Killed a correspondent Yuki Tolima. Is in Carolina hundreds of troops are already engaged in rescue. And relief operations and more being rushed in, from other states scores of boats have been brought in from different parts of the country to help evacuate people from flooded areas where there's. No way out people. Are being airlifted India's prime minister Narendra Moody's in the state and is carrying out an aerial survey. Of the situation social media sites and messaging services are seeing a spate of appeals for help from people who are stuck without. Electricity and supplies A sense of fear has gripped the. Coastal state which has more than forty rivers many which have breached their banks and as more heavy rain forecast over the weekend Italy's president. Said Joe matter rela will preside over, a state funeral this going for eighteen of the victims of the bridge disaster in Genoa at least thirty eight people were. Killed when the motorway bridge collapsed on Tuesday five still missing some of the grieving families will not attend the service because they blame the authorities for the disaster occurs pendant James Reynolds. Reports from Genoa the coffins of more than a, dozen of the dads have been laid out in a. Pavilion here in Genoa ready for the start of the state funeral family members placed. Photos on the coffin leads police officers comforted one relative who. Was solving Italy's president Sergio mozzarella and. Its prime minister Giuseppe Kante will lead mourners at the formal ceremony a number of families have. Chosen not to take part instead they're holding private burials elsewhere in Italy these ceremonies, will Mark a brief pause in the angry debates about the collapse of the bridge The government has set up a. Six-member commission to examine the causes of. The disaster the private firm which operated the bridge autostrada insists that it maintained the structure properly Ministers are considering introducing new taxes on manufacturers and some disposable products to reduce, the vast, amounts of plastic waste the treasury has published the results of a consultation on the issue which prompted. More than a hundred sixty thousand responses is our correspondent Tom Barton how, best to reduce the tons of plastic that ended up in landfill and the oceans every. Year that was the question posed by the treasury in consultation earlier this year. And it received a record response among the ideas being considered. By ministers are new taxes some. Of these could target the demand for disposable coffee cups and takeaway boxes while others are likely to encourage manufacturers to change their products Robert generate is a treasury minister we want to, see if there are smart intelligent incentives that we can create to encourage the.

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