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It. It's legal now. It is. You got an endowment that I think could buy you probably a national championship team. But you don't do that. No, and that endowment serves a very important purpose to the school and that's far beyond me. What we do talk about though is the enriching experience of the four year we all have graduate school, professionalized graduate school here at Princeton, no med school, no law school, we really love and dive in on the four year undergraduate experience, the relationships professors and, you know, I know you could I know your sense of humor a bit. You know, you'd be like, well, show me, where's the money? But we really dive in on the experience, the whole experience for the student athlete. And I think that's enriching in its own way. Now, look, like we're in the sweet 16. So there's some opportunities for our guys going into this weekend that they can take advantage of. We're talking to do the Princeton head coach, Mitch Henderson. You grew up though in Kentucky. Weren't you in Lexington? I was. Did you grow up in Kentucky? Did you want to go to Kentucky? Well, I grew up in Vincent, Indiana. There's a junior college there called Vincent's junior college. Then we moved when I was 12 to Kentucky and patino was the coach. And believe it or not, on my junior high basketball team was Keith Willard, who was the head coach at Maryland, Gigi Smith, Bobby smith's kid, who was just was at high point and Darren van horn, who was the head coach at northern Kentucky to all these Willard and Smith dad's room, consistent with Pitino. I mean, everybody wanted to play, this was 90 1989 90 when that really good Kentucky team was forming in an uptick in duke to the final game. So yeah, I wanted to go, I wanted to play for Pitino. Did you cry after duke beat, Kentucky and the tournament with Christian leitner shot? Yeah, you know what's funny? I was at Princeton on my visit at the NASA land when later made that shot. I didn't cry, but I was so in love with that team. Richie farmer, Darren fellow house. Sean Woods made a runner to put them up one. I love that team. And I used to go on the driveway and practice that Sean Woods runner all the time. I hated leitner. It's like, you know, I was a crime. What if leitner said, hey, coach, I'd like to talk to your tigers before they play creighton. I would gladly welcome that. You know, I love that. Did you see that? I hate Christian leitner. I thought that was great. And you know, I hated him because I was a kid. I didn't know anything. Different, but he was a killer. I would love to have, I would love to have him talk to the guys. Not everybody loved him, but he was in such a great basketball player. You know, you get in these moments and John calipari talked about this after the loss to Kansas state. He said, not everybody's built for this. And he was talking about players. How do you know if your players or player is or isn't ready for a big moment like this? We were at darmouth best way I can answer it. February 11th, we had a bad game. And I went into the locker room and I lost it and you know as much as I can lose it and I was like, you know, we got back to Princeton and I was like, don't ever let that happen again, you know, and you're what you're thinking about in that moment is we don't have it. We don't have it. And then, and then we did all of a sudden we did, and February, and that's, and then this weekend, it took on a whole new level, all of a sudden we were close with Arizona. We didn't lead until a minute left in the game. And the guys they were just chatting nonstop. We would come back to the huddle and the guys were just like, we got this. We got this. And it was unanimous all the way around. It was just constant chatter, and if we had lost the game, I would have been so proud of them, but then it took on a whole other level and it's just grown during the Missouri game. They were on fire. Not just making shots. They were having the best time ever. Totally responding to the moment. Okay, be honest with me with family members filling out a bracket. How many had you beating Arizona to start out? Just my ten year old son. But he has us losing in the sweet 16. I mean, this morning at breakfast, he goes, I'm regretting that decision. Well, it's a great ride. Have fun, and do you have your speech ready for Friday? Yeah. Not quite ready. You got anything in mind. Oh gosh. Maybe you go her Brooks, the U.S. Olympic hockey team. Yeah. Yeah. You're going to remember this for the rest of your life. Come on, why not? I think there's some good belief. And thinking, why not us? And I do love that slogan. Why not? Yeah. And it's great. You got to believe in yourself before everybody else is going to believe in you. And that's what got us here, honestly. So why not keep that going? Don't try to be something you're not. Is why not us? Is that proper grammar? I went to Dayton. So I'm not the right person. I'm in coaching. But you got into Princeton. I did. I did by the skin of my teeth. What were your SAT scores? I don't remember. And everybody remembers. Perfect. No. I was on a show the other day and they were like, hey, we knew they were not too long and they were like, have you heard you had a 4.5 at Princeton and I was like, off by several points. But I'm really happy to be here and I work at the best school in the country, Dan. And I'm so thrilled to be representing us. Just remember, coach sees get degrees. Yeah. A friend of mine used to say, D equals diploma. Play some D against creighton. Segue. They got some guys who can score 30 on you. Congrats so far. Good luck. Okay, thank you very much. 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