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One studios in New York at halftime right now at Wembley in a huge huge turnover for the Tennessee titans in the red zone chargers. Get a big interception, and they hold onto a ten to six lead. We are at halftime right now. At Wembley coming up this week on Monday night football game that potentially could be attract meat is the Atlanta Falcons. Does the New York Giants? Now, Atlanta a team that has certainly put up offense of numbers. The giants have been put up as many numbers, but they do have one superstar who has been a revelation early this year the number two overall pick in the draft saquon Barkley at Penn State has accounted for more than one hundred yards from scrimmage in each of the giants. I six games this year and last week on Thursday night football. He looked like a superstar in the making. However, when I talk with saquon this week, you have to imagine somebody who's competitor. Like, he is is not exactly happy about how things have gone so far this year. So far, no. Station or on his team is happy with a five star. But you know, being competitor in your mentality and doesn't change if you're up forty or if you're down forty you still have that insane. Killer mindset and continue grinding teamwork. You know, we've been down a lot of games. And we shown that we have a lot of fighting just couldn't finish. And I mean, we have that fight in nature and find ways to finish out games. I actually think we can we can turn season around. You have got an opportunity to be around some guys who have done some things in this game ally. Manning has been a Super Bowl MVP a couple of times. Odell Beckham junior is one of the most breathtaking talents in the National Football League. What is it that you and clearly there's been controversy there. That's one of the things you got to have to turn away from. What's it been like to be around veteran players like that who've been around the block a couple of times in the NFL? Yeah. I mean, I I wouldn't really say there there's controversy there. Not think some some things people say can be taken into wrong way. But I think the relationships that we have in Rome and the barn that we is very high right now. But. Veterans in those leaders, and you know, wanted it makes you want to elevate your level play elevate the way you work on the you see how talented Odell is. So you wanna elevate your play. There. You see how great leader in a way allow works. Makes you want to elevate your work officer would also too. You know, we got so much talented people team. And you know, obviously, everything's not going away. We would like to go. But we just gotta continue to believe in each other and continue to work and push each other talk with the New York Giants saquon Barkley people have pointed to you as being a potential leader for this team. And as a rookie that can't be the easiest thing in the world to do. How do you go about doing that? Without you know, feeling like, you know, I'm a rookie. I might be stepping on Santos here being myself. You know, deputy toes doesn't even cross my mind because everyone has the right to say something I've you have to earn a little bit more wrap things so far. K myself the way I've worked in my field has has you know, kind of put me in a position. And you know, I wanted to be early on a young age be leader. That's what I wanted to establish myself in NFL, and I been leading since cancer be completely honest. Everyone just leads in different ways, we have so many leaves on his team that continue to watch continue in at my career could continue to go on to become a better leader, you have drawn comparisons in the style of play in the lack of end zone celebrations in the moves you make on the field to Barry Sanders. And I think it's it's kind of ironic that people were making these comparisons. Because wasn't he one of your childhood idols was one of my favorite players, and I love the way care himself. And I've seen people saying I'm being compared to please. Berries fantasy you know that that's such an honor. 'cause you know, you're my talent away cared himself. But I'm nowhere near close to playing tennis. Barry Sanders is beyond his world. But I'm thankful for those compliments. But I definitely want to put those those columnists arrest. Someone asked you if you're not a football player. Would you have played basketball would you have run track? And you said that you probably would have been a boxer. I never late was like a real real boxer. But then I went into the gym Khotan. My dad spot with a couple of people before at a young kid. And that's something that I could see myself doing in the future when I was younger, but I just had a love and passion for the game with football. And. From my dad's just watching the games. And I'm watching the jets play just always being a fan of football. So kind of just over but. That that happen. I think Boston if I those to try I think boxer property. Beat a sport. But I'm waiting six foot. So I mean, I probably wouldn't make it. When you think about it? The guy's got a forty one inch vertical. Leap he might have been just fine playing basketball, his great uncle was Iran Barkley who. You may remember at one time beat Thomas Hearns, but the giants pretty happy that this guy's just playing football right now and play he is he has been marvelous and also kind of a calming influence on a team kind of lives inside a.

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