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A really detailed recap about the whole season. Specifically the finale check out the snatch ler on cheese recapping at all and they're still going to go into paradise which we have some bachelor in paradise news via your toasters because remember. We recently made a shift a calendar. Shift the kind of like i dunno. Change the trajectory of our whole brand. Using so i link to your toasters i keep forgetting i just feel like it changed and it was always meant to be this way because there is not a single utterance of complaint yet and there's also no. Tv that we watch on mondays love islands on and we don't watch the bachelor suzy's always kind of lackluster. But now they're full of goodness and tonight is new york. She'll be able to recap overcompensate like it just end like it just makes more sense great. I can't wait for all of that. And i think we should get into it because we need to talk about the bachelorette because even though we didn't watch like i do have so many thoughts on the blake. Boylan of it all moylan off like to not watch this season and then to just swipe to see who katie chosen. This guy who we know from the other seasons. I'm like the parker injure the wildlife manager parkridge. No he's a wildlife manager hooker. I was just like oh. I didn't even need to watch season. If she's just going to pick this guy who we already know is like pretty thirsty again. From what i gather thirsty. No that's katie's name katie thurston Also like it's funny. Because i think the internet has pretty much like designated katie. Thurston as i kinda chew gate. Which i think she is. I think the bachelor franchise general's pretty cheap cheap. But she's like very much exide part skinny jeans and she doesn't like she's dot gov at social media because she's just doesn't care as much like the first picture she posted with him. Blake was like so blurry vertical waitz on the sides like she needs to him out manager. Yeah i saw snatcher posted that. And that's just unacceptable. You know. I agree like you've had all year to learn social media like come know and it's like when you get the beam the lead of bachelor bachelorette is the opportunity of a lifetime and because what comes with it are all of the followers and you need to rise to the occasion. You just sustain them if the followers premium content. yeah that's the job once you're bachelor bachelorette or once you win or want to make until the very end. I always think of one of the best examples is that is like vanessa gremaldi and raving gates that season. Those girls were kind of like the last season of girls that got a million followers. Just by being in the top four. And i feel like raven has really Like cemented herself like an influence sir like she takes a lot of time on our content her an atom or like always working on their content. And i remember watching vanessa. Incident followers dropped just. Because like she didn't care to be going to show and like that's your focus. Which maybe it's not for everyone. It just seems like a wasted opportunity. I'd be like michelle. Season is currently filming the katie's a week from becoming completely irrelevant and she's putting up blurry you know white edged photos and this is not gonna work. Yeah i would just say katie. Look immi and this opportunity that has standing right in front of me. Am i saw crazy to me..

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