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Fell ill with covered nineteen last December weeks earlier than the counties and the nation's first confirmed cases comers Corwin hate reports that's the question the county's public health stars addressing today serological tests recently performed on Tuesday homeless county residents revealed covert nineteen everybody's everybody show up when you've had the illness and recovered trouble is these patients fell ill in late December and Sonoma's county did not confirm its first covert nineteen case until late January a man who had returned from Wuhan China where the earlier cases really covert nineteen county medical officer Chris bitters is doubtful the symptoms that those individuals reported you know overlap greatly with other respiratory tract infections so while it's possible the December cases work over nineteen spitters believes it's more likely they had something else then later developed covert nineteen antibodies from a symptomatic cases of the pandemic virus there's a saying in medicine when you hear hoof beats think horses not zebras and so you know the horse in that scenario would be that they had a non code inspection in December Corwin hate komo news if you have to go to sea tac airport remember starting Monday you'll be required to wear some sort of face covering masks there will be mass there if you need one to and including some for sale at the gift shops the port of Seattle commission voted to have staff work on the next level of safety for the airport temperature checks or director lance Lyttle says that it might look like what you see at airports in Dubai or Singapore international arriving passengers a domestic passenger is going through say for example a TSA checkpoint there's an initial screening that's done using thermal technology he says anyone reading more than one hundred point four would be subject to some extra health screening the plan for temperature checks is due back to the port commission by June ninth the port might have to pay the initial cost but it's possible some money from FEMA could help pay for that program we're a few days away from the fortieth anniversary of mount St Helens night eighteen eighty eruption and discovers Ryan Harris tells us all these years later the mountain is still teaching us lessons there's a lot of learning at mount Saint Helens says Dr Seth Moran the scientist in charge of the U. S. geological survey's cascades volcano observatory who tells me there's still a lot being gleaned from the main event and the eruptions that happened in the weeks and months after to understand the eruption dynamics how the cloud involved questions right now people are getting into about the generation of volcanic lightning and there was no lighting that was observed and recorded and we can see some deposits in a pretty good idea of the timing of some of those deposits relative to say one volcanic lightning was was being generated in some some interesting ideas that are starting to be developed about when volcanic lightning occurs an interruption sequence and what it means when it starts happening in terms of amount of ash in the air how far it's gonna go and things like that Moran says the big lesson though is still the lateral blast in landslide caused by the eruption which broke trees like they were matchsticks or burned everything in its path because of the hot gases that escaped not to mention burying much of the area in deep debris and sending a mud flow down the North Fork of the total river the landslide was what took the pressure off of the magma that intruded into the volcano and I generate a lateral blast and it was certainly appreciated that the bulging of the north flank that was moving out of the rate of five or six feet a day that that was producing a flank that was unstable and it was certainly understood that rockfalls landslides avalanches were in the future if nothing happens but it wasn't appreciated how big that landslide wasn't how discontinuous it was gonna it was gonna be Amaran says since then geologists have learned a lot about what deposits from that kind of a landslide looks like around volcanic areas and I've taken that lesson and applied it to volcanoes around the world and it's now much more appreciated by the volcano community that landslides are part of what volcanoes can do and that that is something that in certain situations where you've gotten unstable flank that's obviously building outwards that that's a very real thing that needs to be taken into account when doing hazardous substance those hazard assessments are important because doctor Moran reminds me of something we should all keep in mind not only is mount St Helens still active but source several other cascade volcanoes including mount Ranier Ryan Harris komo news well the power in mama earth no question it's for ten sure signs the National Football League is easing its corona virus guidelines with the latest now from Cuomo's bill source of a Harley exterior sports desk NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was sent out a letter saying the league wants to open football team facilities in a safe manner consistent with medical and public health guidelines so starting may nineteenth teams can open up their doors to player and staff if and this is a big if they are allowed to do so under state and local regulations for example the giants and jets might not be prevented from entering team buildings in New York where the Seahawks could do so in Washington state no more than fifty percent of the staff can be in the building at one time maximum seventy five people and to make it fair for all thirty two football teams no coaches can return to team headquarters yet the defense attorney for Seattle Seahawks corner Quinton Dunbar claims he has proof that his client is innocent Michael Greco city as five sworn affidavits from witnesses saying the NFL player was not involved in the armed robbery north of Miami Wednesday night Dunbar and giants corner the Andre Baker I wanted by Miramar police department well Baker and another man are accused of flipping the gaming table and pulling out a gun detectives accused Dunbar of collecting victim's valuables sports updated ten and forty after the hour bill Schwartz come on news companies time for eleven hard hit New York is taking its first steps toward re opening from the shutdowns brought by the corona virus pandemic ABC's whit Johnson with the latest just five regions in this central and northern parts of the state qualify for phase one showing fourteen day declines in hospitalizations and deaths business is going back to work include construction agriculture and retail limited to pick up and drop off phase three opening does not mean the problem's gone away but governor Cuomo extending the stay at home order to June thirteenth for devastated areas near New York City that still do not meet phase one criteria.

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