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The versity middlemen and make sure you save with the sale of winston salem state that's right who who else went there the point is that he was a divisional rival of clyde frazier they were both high usage combo guards could at work there's only one basketball it worked to the tune of a championship against like an invincible lakers team championship so it can work and when the rocket got cp a high usage ball dominant divisional rival point guard and they're going to use harden and see three in the backcourt is combo guards how that's going to how's that going to work there are undefeated when the two of them are on the court together yes steven they i agree that that cp three will make them better he'll even take some pressure off james harden my question is is it just the pressure that's getting to james harden or are there are things that are different in the playoffs for example you ain't gonna play second of backtoback road games for example the other team has more time to scout you and figure out how they wanna play you another example there are better athletes among the best teams they have more of them they have guys who were just as smart as you but they can jump in run faster than you if you're a like as i said bob manning right were james harden igor a lot of doing it a lot on cerebral ability as much as physical ability so i have not seen hard and do it i don't think cp 3s protons means suddenly he's going to be that guy i four i'll give you the last word with the need to get the answer to this question how much more difficult to you think it's going to be for teams to prepare for c p three and james harden as opposed to just games todd i don't think there was in one final straw i just think that we're reorts or franchise right now.

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