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Yes yeah it is very very messy why can't i find there yeah lucas glover's wife arrested after allegedly attacking his mom this is after the players championship this weekend impounded vedra beach florida the wife of former us open champion lucas glover facing domestic violence charges stemming from an altercation with glover and his mom after he missed the fifty four hole cut at the players championship she was arrested krista glover was arrested saturday night and take into the saint john's county jail where she was released the next day after posting twenty five hundred dollar bond she faces a may thirty first court date on misdemeanor charges of domestic violence battery and resisting arrest without violence she starts fights after he plays poorly in golf isn't that what lucas glover claims yes that's what we hear according to the the offense report glover and his wife were having an altercation after the third round of the players championship glover's shot a seventy eight the report said that when his mother her name is hershey glover tried to intervene what that's your hershey yes when she the mom tried to intervene krista glover began attacking her the arresting officer noticed cuts and blood on the arm and clothing glover's mother hershey glover also told the deputy that she'd been hit in the chest glover confirmed on twitter there wasn't altered altercation the story there's part of a story to report said glover told the deputy that his wife often starts arguments with him after he plays poorly cording to the report glover's wife resisted being placed in the back seat of a patrol car damaged the door by repeatedly kicking she was also allegedly had been drinking most of the day and she used causing kitty cat and other he doesn't make a it doesn't come home with a big paycheck she calls him different names it is another bad story texas ban twentyfive poses a high school student to play basketball twenty five year old texas man was arrested last week for posing as a high school student and playing on the boys basketball team sydney booby a gill strap portly pretended.

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