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No, Say 97.1 wash FM. We are Tilbian chilly in the morning. Triple A says more Americans are going to hit the road on vacations this summer, which means more people are going to hit the road and probably find themselves chowing down on some fast food while on the go behind the wheel, And it got me thinking Dana, who's playing the part of Chile, Amar today, By the way, What's the worst fast food you can eat while driving Well for me, it's a Mcflurry and I don't get the very often but when I want to make Fleury I go to the drive through, I get it and then I. Thankfully, there's a stop sign before I exit the parking lot, and I sit there and I take the first bite of that Mcflurry before I pull out because it's impossible to eat food that requires a spoon while you're actually driving. What aboutyou Sonic Tater Tots. With chili cheese and onions that is not happening behind the wheel. Know you would think I would get the hint after? I don't know, spilling chili all over my shirt all over the car mats, but no, no, I won't learn my lesson. I'll go back and try it again. That's like trying to eat. Catch up with French fries while you're in the car. I've tried that before. You know, I could just scored a little bit in the container and before you know it, there's just ketchup all over my face. It's on the steering wheel. Yeah, Speaking of Sonic, they have popcorn chicken nuggets, but of course I can't just have them. We know No, so I'll try to dip them in some sort of chicken nuggets sauce while I'm driving in that ends up everywhere. My car is a disaster. Right now. We go on road trips with my husband. He's a sauce guy, too, and I will hold the sauce for him to dip his chicken nuggets while he's driving. You need a woman Toby to do that. I don't even know how to respond to that coming from you. It'll be a chilly in the morning. Dana McKay's playing the part of Chile. What is the worst fast food Tio Eat while you're driving Brian Europe? Of the show. What is it for you? Where do I begin to talk about the collection of large fries That's grown under my seat for the past year because you drop one or two. You could. You could go to those same places in each chicken nuggets that aren't going to spill all over the place. It's just not satisfying. You can grab about 15 fries and Kremlin and the gullet and it's more satisfying than one chicken nugget. We're talking about the worst fast food to eat while driving, and we can't wait to hear from you jump into the conversation. Text the word washed, then tell us what it is for you and send it to 37337 Raids. Supply your stories on the way with 97.1. Wash. FM. Toby and chilly in the morning. And now Lisa Baden has traffic in down the Saloon Parkway. We have a crash it Stanton Road 29 gains, Phillies found there's a truck that rolled over and caught on fire. So he's found 29 Gainesville closed near Lynton Haul Road.

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