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They've identified another U. S military veteran as one of the writers, A rioter seen in photos and video wearing military gear on the Senate floor during the assault on the Capitol, is identified as retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Larry Rendall Brock of Texas, Brock confirmed to the New York or Friday. He's the man In those photos. The FBI and police are determined to arrest the rioters, but military Trans, who took part in the siege may also face charges from the Pentagon, the Supreme Court ruled two years ago, the Defense Department can prosecute veterans are crimes after retirement. Carmen Roberts Fox News, the woman shot and killed during the attack. Actually, Babbitt was an Air Force veteran and Capitol police officer Brandt Sick Nick, who died from injuries he received during that riot had served six years in the New Jersey National Guard. A couple of kids would get A lot of praise online for rescuing an injured ego fucks is Kristen Goodwin explains Florida's Pasco County Fire Rescue. Taking to Facebook to say to kids helped save a bald eagle found with a fishing hook pierced through its beak. And why're tangled around one of its wings, bringing it into the station, the eagle, dehydrated and underweight because it wasn't able to fly or eat a local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization, removing the hook and wire later transferring the bird. To Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay. Veterinarians expected to make a full recovery and will release the eagle back into the wild. Kristen Goodwin Fox News It was said Wood Shop in Moscow has been forced to close after it opened a day earlier following outcry over the Joseph Stalin themed interior. Sandwich is named after Soviet leaders. I'm jokes here on Fox News. This'd news radio K l b J Now to ask you whether for your radar weather Watch. For today we'll see Sunshine mixed with a few clouds. The high 56 tonight cloudy of shower late low 38. Barson Rain High. 42 may mix with snow late tomorrow or tomorrow evening, but little accumulation Monday sunshine and chilly high 49 from the Weather Center. I meteorologists Bill Digger. Parts of.

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