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Today by You know her as empty wheel on twitter and her blog marcy wheeler. Hello marcy how are you today and hurry you. I'm doing well. Thank you very much. And i appreciate you working with me to get this scheduled because i know we have quite a time difference so i appreciate. I'm talking to you yesterday. Yeah yesterday where you are. It is still yesterday where i am. Although the recall still very good recall looks very good. So you're on retail. And i'm like the day after and i can tell you that he's gonna win it because i'm i'm calling you from the future yesterday or last week on the beans because we'll we're recording this just so you know on recall day at the very end of the day is tuesday september fourteenth but yeah yesterday i had said on the beans. I think it's going to be sixty four percent. I think it's going to be a sixty four percent. Now we'll see how close i get but The reason the real reason. I brought you here today Not to talk about the recall. It was to talk about this latest batch of three. Oh two's that we got from the buzzfeed foia lawsuit as you know as listeners know we will be getting those for the next eight hundred million years a every month. There's so many documents to be released and this department of justice is going to produce them any faster. But i've noticed that the state department and the treasury are starting to get on the reactions now Not that that's weird or anything but there were considerations that they had to Make when reviewing at least in this latest download but something that you pointed out really. Interestingly in the gates because you've been really following the gates interviews for for quite a while and very closely Since we started getting these wh what can you tell us about. There's there's been some changes in the kinds of reactions in these documents. And that seems significant to me. I was hoping you could explain what you what you found. Well so what is happening. Is that in general. Doj is reprocessing. Stuff that jason leopold. Who's the foia. God who is Liberating all these things. That might be releasable. That wasn't before because people have been pardoned. And so they've gone through and redone Paul manafort's for example because he's been pardoned they have gone through all the stone related stuff because he's been pardoned and What we have gotten particularly the so this month We got All not all of the gates some petteri come out but we got the gates right so gates got maybe fifty gates interviews and There's a lot of these seven left on those be. Seven eight is what happens with foyer. is you The govern- agency releasing them can exempt certain things from release because of Privacy is a big one or a grand jury or classification is another one There's a reduction called her an exemption called e seven a which is for an ongoing investigation. And that just generally means somebody doesn't want to share what they know yet because they've got still investigative equities in a lot of what came out from gates. It's it's gotta be counter-intelligence related it's gotta be. Doj's ongoing effort to figure out how. Russia uses ukraine as a basically stumping around to then influence the rest of the world including in two different six consecutive presidential election. United states but in one of those reductions there there's also cambridge analytica stuff. That's coming in seventy and then it's it's a broader look at cambridge Than just what role did alexander knicks have on the trump campaign although some of that stuff is still redacted for ongoing investigations but anyway there's a reduction in the in the gates one it was previously redacted forum seeing if i can pull it up. Yeah it was previously redacted just for privacy reasons so be sixty seven c. and it was a b seven an ongoing investigation was added to it the texts that we can read from it says gates manafort car. Scowl and redacted met to discuss the modeling cambridge analytica. Did for the ted cruz campaign kellyanne conway and kushner push for ca as services. So it's basically about how the trump campaign came to us cambridge analytica how Later on in the campaign And so they've added a seventy reduction to that which says that when they last released this back in march twenty twenty They said they were done with the investigation into those aspects and now in september twenty twenty one they have said you know maybe not and that kind of goes along with this sports again. Pure speculation Well i mean. I guess is not speculation that that some cases stalled and then got br new life breathed into them when the new administration came in. We don't know it's because they were actively being suppressed or if it's because people may be you know prosecutors sitting on them or just taking a long time investigating but for something to actually go from a privacy related reduction to Ongoing invest in an investigation related reaction. Is i think indicative of of that of a of an investigation either being brought back to life or maybe a totally new one that this is involved in or like you said per perhaps rea- an opening of a counterintelligence investigation into some aspect of this. Yeah just as proof as example of an investigation that we know that Came back to life for was renewed. Or what have you was Tom brock. There's an entire paul manafort three oh to bat. Must be barack related because aina bama was on there And there are few parts of the gates interviews where either the emirates comes up or bra comes up and goes be seventy so so. That's an example where something just lingered until biden came in garland decided that he actually would go charge trump's bankroller so But but in this case. I mean i think that again the investigation into the cambridge genetic was always brought her and i think that there certainly is a counterintelligence side to it. I mean i think that One of the tip to my mind one of the more interesting aspects of this late range of of three two releases they released all of sam patents and sam hadn't wasn't pardoned so it's not like that's an excuse for why release sam patent but sam patten gives you I mean they used sam patent to understand constant Better right Clinic wasn't telling patton everything he was doing with manafort and he wasn't telling manafort or gates everything he was doing with patent..

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