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Council and the National Football League a Florida man who told detectives he had a pet peeve about people parking illegally in handicapped parking spots was convicted late Friday of manslaughter for the fatal shooting death of an unarmed man outside a convenience store last summer Michael Drake I tried to use the stand your ground defense the shell rainy goals be the attorney for the family of marquees McLaughlin says the jury didn't buy it we're thankful that the jury got it right we're thankful that the jury saw what we saw so what everybody saw on that video that a parking lot vigilante with an axe to grind murdered marquee smoke locked in and cold blooded locked in five year old son witnessed the shooting Drake a could get thirty years in prison when he is sentenced in October an Illinois state trooper shot early Friday while trying to serve a warrant has died from his injuries thirty three year old for for Nicholas Hopkins leaves behind a widow four year old twins in a new born he is donating his organs in fact his entire body to science and even death even at this moment this dark moment Illinois state police director Brendan Kelly a special prosecutor has been appointed to look into why Chicago state's attorney's office abruptly dropped the case against Chelsea small left for alleged fake hate crimes last year social media shenanigans could land a Texas man in jail for a year a third person is arrested for a licking ice cream in store and putting it back on the shelves twenty four year old D. Adrian Anderson turning himself in after sharing a video which shows him opening a blue bell top at a Walmart in Port Arthur Texas sticking his tongue and his fingers in the desert and returning it to the freezer friend eggs in mind Jefferson County officials say the Walmart was forced to dump all of its bluebell Todd's Anderson charged with misdemeanor criminal.

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