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Them operate insurance copter already. Thanks, Kristen. I'm Laurie Grandi. WBC's traffic on the three different field in the air. Today. The sump pump geek sponsor is the four day WBC AKI. Weather forecast. Here's meteorologist Dean DeVore. It's that feel of being in the heart of the really the darkest part of the year with the lowest son angle in the least amount of sunshine over the next four weeks, two weeks until the solstice So any sunshine we get is ineffective to get us much out of the thirties today. Some spots me get closer to 40. Not much wind today. Thank goodness now a NStar. My offshore is going to kind of brush us to the South and east. What's going to happen is that return flows could bring an ocean effect. Snow showers and some rain showers to the cape. The South coast in the islands, maybe even up to some South shore communities. First thing tomorrow morning. Filed some sunny breaks guts to your winds tomorrow. Upper thirties real fields in the teens and twenties and then near 40 is the cold relaxes a little bit on Wednesday. It relaxes more We get in the upper forties for the end of the week, But then it looks like it rains into the weekend. I thank you with meteorologist beamed aboard WBC. Boston's news rating. Of course. Bright sunshine in Boston 28. This is Steve Andrews. When there's flooding in the streets, let your neighbors know to call the sump pump geeks at 1844433. 5 to 25 or visit US online at some pump geeks dot com In the morning Monday, it is, say 26 now look at New England business despite coming off one of the best months in recent stock market history, storm clouds are brewing on the horizon. This, according to Morgan Stanley, executive director Kristine Armstrong were getting more sluggish. This is not good. We need federal assistance. We need to cares Act. We need some economic stimulus..

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