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Kissing is on an. Illegal no it's not God I love to do. This Why are we not? Allowed to kiss an Uber I? Love why are. We allowed it's a business What's this Disrespectful To you, policy are? You would you just You know I, want to understand what did we do wrong and so a judge weighed in, on this in her black regal. Robes unexpectedly? She recommended that The driver get his licence back after the TLC. Had, suspended him over the fact that they claimed. He, was, a homophobe, wait wait wait after that audio he gets he, gets the decision in his favor well he got the decision in his favor, XM now man That is saying the TLC has ignored the judge he has not gotten his hack license. Back so he can't go back to being an, overdrive and in fact his reputation has been besmirched Janahi suing the TLC claiming that they concocted evidence against him after he kicked out the lesbian couple? Who is smoking and locking lips in the back of the car and the question is he is ladies and gentlemen who's at fault. Would you actually make the TLC taxi and limousine commission that is responsible for overseeing the entire driver industry here. In New York City would you make them culpable. And now make them four Cup to money to have to pay med for the damages incurred the nightmare shitty has people thinking, he's, a, homophobic and the, fact that they won't even give him his hack. License, back so he can go back to supporting his, too Kids. In his wife and most importantly he wants to be able to speak. To the TLC who believe in a. Nut never sent any of their inspectors to actually get, his side of the story yeah it's. Unbelievable that the TLC really seems like they were out to. Get off and I think it's because there was so much public pressure this case is talking about Curtis it, went viral and so as. A result of that I think the TLC sounds like they clearly overstepped their balanced well know what they did Curtis was not only did they say that he touched. The women which sort of takes it to a, whole other level in addition to that audio we just heard but what's to the women's credit the two women actually basically backed up his story they? Testified that yes he did, not touch them they didn't like what he said they didn't like him kicking them out of the car. Because they were they said a little on the cheek he says it was much more than a little pack but they did defend actually in court and actually Back to his claim against the TLC so now the TLC may have a big lawsuit on their hands he's already. Filed a lawsuit against the, TLC so ladies, and gentlemen how much should he, be entitled to for damages a dollar a.

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