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Cologne, Melissa Rivers, Six Percent discussed on The Movement with Dr. F Keith Slaughter


Cologne in Melissa rivers of everything beautiful black man in his own way how you make out good good become one on one thing you say I have to thank for you when you say but nothing we can do to election time again of not quite true we can do recall but you got to be serious about it goes above and I just I can't think it's listening to old to get used to be the right will push here he tried to give recall on kissing you read the right people to get behind it hello we don't have to wait to lecture we can do a recall now what I will do all right you're right about that but you just like you just acknowledge it's kind of difficult to get a combo movement gonna moment right right I hear I hear details I'd like talk about okay I'm originally from Augusta home was saying about the lows and brown was the main living allowances two thousand six date on the check is made up of the Coliseum down a James Brown arena really and I think yes and I think we all will get behind it want to call a gust to reach in the south it's the late wife was going to Kansas city in a way of saying to give you they will try to take it back because when you gain yourself and don't thanks they won't try to take it back yeah Matt a gusto James Brown but a gust on the map you know I'm the I want to thank the mass to state that I love golf tournament but you go in a way you mention Augusta they say the holidays browned it all say the massive stone in there so I think we all all let them know how we fit in Augusta about it I know of no show and it was like you know so then it goes to I know my back on the arena well I like to stay in the just the DA the ghost on the map and then I got to get you here yeah I'm all you're still a few months ago I D. eight Yamaha Meg on the show talk about a rejected Deanna brown we have done in the ghost area thanks for dinner and then a little call in which I think we will try to get all we don't do well hello there okay bacon and I thought about that nine can adjust if the majority black select a lamb and I suppose on August it is not like that with that Blake said the percent white Augusta is then a weapon fit the phone to fit the six percent black African brother lots of black businesses lots of thriving black businesses lots of progress of black people in Augusta listening to the show right now believe echo echo somebody to get on it but they have a black male yeah as well you have done okay glancing at the the uber and lift gravels listen they need to be able to care of weapons a handsome but a rat with them I don't know what is going to say they got to know that I'm not shared yesterday of uber well we've got the new out where they will record all of the ride so they will be record was going in the vehicle while they rolled now okay what good is there folks arrives those and del camera the criminal say look you still got to grab it you stick out like you must admit dear brother room on that is about to turn you must you must admit that having knowing that should be a record it is it is a larger role you know who a lot you do you know who a lock is made for a honest person who might back about break in and out of trouble man made up that lucky no doubt is no deterrent to here okay right so again not in my point you're making my point of people who don't do will do crime go do plant any way well for those of us with all the love to sit on the fence who might live right might do wrong every it will be a deterrent what what elements to my wife she was driving at night and a bit of what you do you have the bad and the call which you that even though the price and if you're not gonna Latin but it felt web would yeah you would you would you would have exciting would you give you rolled it was totally different when I was in the car been where she's at the buffalo so folks church in all three of them all the band this is what religion is what you want to lead a rather that you get come upon what hello again folks talk to you and the camera way it is different when is a man in the car a nice day but it's a different when a man around in a woman about herself right bill Jones role right be honest with you you know how to uber lift they you know took off like you did well it well I know how to govern the day because people need to get money and out and if you have you had a card as a way for you make your car make you some money so I understand that but I'll be looking about a ride with me you know all you always I got too much stuff in my car all the beetle battle but if you if you like rather slow and what you know all out war if you get married again but just people that did you call the thank you begin your cop pass gas you now say people get in your car and they get hurt it up vomit dot Bob dirt on the issue we give them a call like that you might know what would be somebody like you know and I love big people because I'm a big person you not me but whether they be like real be giving a live you know miss my feet up what are they gonna wedded to personally give you a call and they got a box cut in the back pocket did slide show but don't do or pay for your old faith not a place where somebody somebody throw up your car they will pay for the they were there so you Love Me we have put I got a good okay thank you for your call release those over any talk about would you talk about the day before for a bad dude was that was zero three of the novel we all know what if it ain't y'all so hopefully you already were you got to go if not if you did in the middle of a man is Friday traffic in a no matter where you are you.

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