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Dave home. What a pleasure to see you. It's a delight to see you. It's been so long has been so long. We're recording these in fits and starts and thanking them up. Because it's a busy time for you time. I mean I have a job for the first time in a hundred years love this. I'm GonNa Writer's room am so happy to be there so great so great thank you. I'm I'm you know it's it's a lovely Dream Team. I don't know I guess I shouldn't say what it is but it doesn't matter it's I'll I'll say what it is when someone more important has announced what it is because I'm not getting enough to not important enough to be the winter. Break the news. I know Tom Michael moved to La. I was like he I when we met he had just moved here and he was a and I was like. What do you do and he was like? I'm a writer on a half hour comedy. I was like Oh okay and we were. We dated and it was like nine till like our second or third day Rosa. Can you tell me where you work? Is this the Seinfeld Reunion? Like what's going on and the mystery around it Shits Creek which is great. Joe Yeah but I think he was just like I don't know who this creep business who willing me or something shared. Oh Okay Fair enough anyway. A how are you? I've never been better. Is that right. No that's all right. You and I'm I've definitely been better. Yeah Yeah I think we've all been better. We're recording this on Super Tuesday. Yes we are. Are we exhausted? Yes we are one hundred. Did you happen to see Chris Matthews just fucking quit. Msnbc on the air. Oh I didn't know he quit on the air on the Air Matt Holy on the air he He said I'm retiring right now. And like I said I said some things that I thought okay to say. And they're not and Set a bunch of goodbye type things and then said goodbye and went commercial and they came back and it was Steve Kornacki just being like I guess I'm the I'm hosting this now and they. Yeah they've you could tell. Nobody knew what the fuck was going on now. I watch Rachel last night and she did not even acknowledge she didn't know because the regular shows just did their regular shows like he left them fully high and dry. He was just like I am. I think I'm going to retire as of the Second Combine. It is shot when you stack up. All of the things that he has said in the past is shocking that he's gone gotten by as long as he's I. He is the worst seen. I mean I have a love for him only because he's so unintentionally areas. He's always been the waxed. He went to Holy Cross with Alma Mater. Yup James Hillman Clarence Thomas. All the great all the greats James Domain does the funniest Chris Matthews. Of course the poor. Steve Kornacki we should get him at some point. That's right he's gay. He's gay a some trouble with his accent. Really well you know what if we get him? I'll I'll I'll let him know something about it you know. Sometimes people lean too hard and their accents. And you're like I don't buy it. Oh interesting I think he is. Sometimes I think people make the mistake of thinking. This accent will be my personality and it's like no. It's uninteresting IDA. I've never found that to me an issue. I find him so aggressively nerdy. That is almost hot. I see that yeah I get it I get hashing it about dumb bullshit. I don't know I like that. What else is happening? What else is happening at? The very beginning of love is blind even yeah thoughts I know that I'm GonNa Fall in love with it. I've my my attention. Span has been greatly diminished. Sure But I I know that I'm I know I know I'm in. Have you met the guy who identifies by slash fluid? Yeah should we book him? We could why not. Yeah why not? We are trying. I'm just GonNa say this now. I WANNA speak this out into the universe. I'm going to manifest it. I'm going to manifest this truth. We have Friday forty the game. Show that Scott Campbell and I do the dynasty typewriter. Scott didn't he was going to be able to make it because the south by southwest guess what has been canceled because corona virus. He can make it now. So we're up the night of the thirteenth. Apm that is a Friday. We are trying. We Ha- we will secure joy from the circle. I WanNa meet him in real life in the worst way and this is how to do it. This is Friday March thirteenth framework for myself. Because I have never a terrible friend. I've never seen that Friday forty. It's okay it's okay and this should clearly be the one I come to well. Yeah when it happens when it's going to be it has been I believe I believe it. I've manifested it. I unfortunately probably not gonNA get a chance to see the inheritance. That's right margins. This is such a bummer. It's closing March. Fifteenth Young are in New York at or you're going to New York Get yourself ticket or a couple of because it is a two parts Longer experience but a powerful one and We recorded this awhile ago when I was in New York with Jordan Barber. Who's in the Broadway? Cast is incredible friend of the show. Nigel Campbell. Set this up for us. I give a shout out to Nigel. I love you and you had to skype in with US. Rain here from here. Are you left me and we miss you terribly? Well I'm fair. Yeah Yeah I like to be able to touch you during the interview and feel mostly play with your hair our and Yeah so we. We have incredible conversation about the show. Granted we I think we all assume this. This isn't going to run for a long time. Hopefully it will make its way around the country. You know it will. It's going to it. Has It has done that. It's this secret. It is a great touring worldwide success after ninety three times after you see Joey from the circle and the Friday forty then get yourself a ticket to being. Here's insertion of contrast wherever it is Jordan Barber after the break we're back Jordan Barbara Jordan. Hi Hello Hi. I should tell people that Dave is in. La were here in New York. But we're looking at each other in the future we're bicoastal and we are in the future. It's pretty amazing. Actually kind of feels like you're right here with us so you're having a Friday afternoon also I am yes I am do you. D- Asleep in after Thursday performance. What's your what's your schedule. You know it's kind of Mondays and Tuesdays are real days off so I kind of use those to veg out and I try to make the week a little bit more active so I was just running errands and I actually had to put myself on tape for another audition tape. Doing this never ends. The struggle never ends so Yeah I mean on Thursdays and Fridays I try to take it somewhat easy because you know The show is the show takes a lot out of us. Three and a half hours long When we're doing just one show. We're doing to show days at seven hours so it's a lot but Yeah I try to get stuff done. So during the week you're you're you're SORTA alternating part one part two no actually so during the week so we work Wednesday through Sunday and Wednesdays Saturdays and Sundays. We do two shows. We do a matinee of part one and then in the evening we do part two and then Thursday and Friday. We just part one in the evenings So there's never a day that we do part to you by itself. Oh got it. Yeah so part. One is getting a little more love to you know. I think that maybe because it's a bit of a gamble doing a show like this. I think that they're sort of banking on people. Maybe taking the chance of JESSE IN PART ONE. And if they're into it which most people are They'll come back and see part two. That's true because you don't want to take a gamble and jumping on partout and then yeah exactly the cool thing about the world that matthew built is that You can do it individually. I do a little bit more in part two so when I have friends that are coming in. And they're like we can only see one. Which one should we see? I sort of sadly say if you could only see one come see part two because I do a little bit more in it And I'm a little worried that they're not gonNA understand exactly what's going on but they you know after the first five ten minutes or so they kind of. Hook into what we're doing and they don't really have any trouble but I would definitely recommend seeing both part I'm doing. The full is Sunday. We're doing it in the heartland. Then Yeah Okay how? Much time we're getting off in between does you're GONNA get about two and a half hours. Oh Great Yeah we end at four thirty and then the next show will start at seven. Oh you can have a nice leisurely dinner. Earn the process Sacchi brief. Yeah it takes a lot out. I'm prepared for this to be heroin. I wouldn't say it's harrowing. You know what I will say is you know. That's the thing it sort of. It has this reputation of being this like epic big. I WANNA see sad but like oh you know serious heavy exactly and what I will say is that Wha- you know the first day of Rehearsal Matthew Satisfied Matthew Lopez writer saddest down and he was like everyone's GonNa be treating this like it's this big epic dramatic play and there are certainly elements of that in this world that he's created but really it's fun comedy. I mean he really did write a fun comedy of manners. It's about this group of friends and it's mostly about these two guys in a relationship and how their world sort of unravels and their relationship Develops and it really is very funny. I mean I think that's the thing that people were most surprised by the first act. Matthew lexicographer charm offensive. Macaroni to say that. Are I like half hour? Forty five minutes is like a full on charm offensive where we're really trying to get the audience to sort of let go of any preconceptions that they have about the world of this show people have that same feeling that you're you're having like. Oh my God. This is going to be a harrowing thing. I guess I should bring tissues. I should and it's true you should. You should absolutely bring some tissues be punched in the Gut. Brenly there's there's certainly some things I mean. That's that's matthews whole endeavor with this is I mean. It's it's as someone who does comedy as well. You are constantly trying to get a message through but the only way you can do that the only way you can share your ideas is to break down people's barriers and break down people's reservations so what we what we try to do in especially in that first act of their six acts altogether so we try to especially I. It's a lot but especially what we try to do in that first act is really just get any preconceptions or any notions of what you think. The world of the play is going to be. We sort of break that down and just try to let you ease into the lives of these people realize these characters and enjoy us and enjoy the world that we're building and it really is. I mean what Matthew Manages to do and what we've managed to do as a cast a and with the amazing direction of seizure. Stephen Daldry and just Martin is maintain a certain level of levity. I think throughout the seven hours which is not an easy thing to do. Especially when you're dealing with the themes and the sort of things that we're dealing with in the world of the show you know AIDS and the legacy of AIDS and how we Pass on our stories from one generation to another. You know it's the general idea of it..

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