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Bonus for temporary workers those are considered ratification bonuses and will make up for not only lost wages but then some additional cash as well you are W. workers will remain on the picket lines forecasters now warning tropical storm Nestor is expected to make landfall around Mexico beach Florida this morning bringing it with high winds searching season heavy rains here in Mexico beach the damage and devastation hurricane Michael still everywhere you look now much of the Florida panhandle bracing for nesters landfall with it high winds heavy rain and potentially life threatening storm surge this is that's Victor Kendall this is ABC news are you more than ten thousand dollars in to come take a look fashion has lower prices throughout the store start your morning with Florida's natural orange juice only two forty nine lower prices on produce slump red seedless grapes are just seventy seven cents a pound lower prices in army department USDA choice boneless top sirloin is only three seventy seven a pound and succulent extra large raw shrimp are just for seventy seven a pound limit to pound bag look lower prices that fashion your Arizona home town grocer the minutes apply see store for details plenty of sunshine life is busy we drive from place to place with so much to do but one thing you should never do leave a child in a car in minutes the inside of a car can heat up more than twenty degrees and that's deadly the Arizona department of child safety reminds you to double check your car for kids double check never leave your kids in the car a message from the Arizona department of child safety double check do you like going to the movies eating pizza cheering for your favorite sports team what if you could do all that and change your child's life two big brothers big sisters of central Arizona is looking for people like you to be mentors no special skills needed it only takes four hours a month to change your child's.

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