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He's mightly here facts for that fifth spot courtesy like this oscars sucked what what it the orderly doing what that is why were they were this terrible there are at all they've missed so many of it here i mean there's so many choices the arabs gone the other way like every year you're like oh this is annoying this person got snubbed this one in particular macau is jamie howard jamie fox and leo not nominated in and hugh jackman is nominated or hugh jackman chinese why are we doing this he capri or goes in the supporting category yes okay all right let's but but jack but he jamie foxx i can i i'm desai was disappointed that that didn't happen i think fi i think if this is five years later i think he gets heating thing yet is i think the voters are much more concerned now about who would obviously was happy to hear were they'd just that's voted for four wake as in denzel but then of all first of all that is denzel 's that is his best being in in a long time also very good him this is a great category fifty three who adegoroye even with you jackman in it it's a grad toxic orasje fucking awesome who should one dana dealers i really like deal to i think the entity lewis it it just like there's a car wish i had some take against it like case for phoenix of course you can do would i grew up with with the narrow when he went haywire with roles like that and we were all like oh my god this is amazing did era for some reason we don't do that with phoenix no and i think he has a lotta baggage in a lot of different ways that doesn't album he did that crazy movie with casey affleck that than up on our member thousand before after this that's that was after this does i mean that was before this that was before that was before this movie was i'm not here was before the doesn't seem like he has the weight and it's almost like if this had been any other actor.

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