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They need to be like delaying those routes, cutting the guys off, mess up timing. Like I just don't see how logically that makes sense for you to be like, oh, let's like ten yards of zone with James bradberry Dante Jackson, both guys were very good at man coverage. Who are not going to cover these guys down the field after seven seconds of whatever were Flint routes in the middle where they have to go. They have to cover seven yards to get to the ball, like just makes no sense to me. It's like this is a very good secondary as far as physicality athleticism's concerned, why aren't utilizing that? Yeah. Like you said, I didn't even have to be like, oh, we need to play pressman coverage every time or even at all it just like get up and disrupt routes every now, and then they're all the time in. 'cause the giants offense was almost exclusively timing base yesterday, like is taking snap at throwing settle Beckham like through a small window and somebody got up there and even just put like a hand on him to get him half step slower, gives linebackers time to get in the vast lanes pass time to be alive. Endings face against awful offense of line. I don't know, dole just let them run their plays. I guess it seems like a wild tragedy. I I, I know. But. Tried. I, I understand that if we were in a division like the AFC east, for example, where it's like the dolphins, the patriots, the jets, the bills where it's like their offenses aren't aside from the patriots. The offenses are built on timing, but we have Matt Ryan. We have drew Brees. We have whoever the hell's playing quarterback for the Tampa Bay. Buccaneers like those offenses can take advantage of those type defenses where it's timing based. This isn't a new thing. This has been a thing for the last several years. Main reason why the saints beat the Panthers three times last year is because they have their timing offense. They throw the ball breeze. Broths back takes his three steps to sets whatever throws the ball. He's open catches the ball. He runs for the first gown. It's there. It's their meeting potatoes against the Panthers defense, and there's no adjustments made to it. It even. Even after last year when. The Panthers got their asses handed to three times by the saints. They still have made that adjustment. It's just it's, it's not Ning. A really is snagging. We're not. We're not an adjustment team where. We do what we do. We have an identity. Yes. There are things we do well, like sticking to our our, our morals, our principles regard, like regardless of the, whether they're effective or not. This. This is a super like negative show for the after winning three in one. Not that it's unwarranted because giants are bad and we we should be good. Yeah, we had no business win in that game. We should be too into right now. Mike Gatting, and Graham Gano should have never made that field goal. Based on his body of work net? No, it's Just. just. Yeah. So just a little disclaimer. 'cause I know you guys not saying all nice things, especially we will buoy there's a lot of stuff that was wrong with the win said earlier. It's a process staying like the result was good because the giants are just that bad and we got some lucky breaks, but the the just the fact that we keep doing the same things over and over again when it's goes against all, like logical reason is just it just gets so frustrating on top of that John, we've been doing the keep set. Well, keep sounding slash fourth in short podcast. For what? Since the beginning of last year. And we've been talking about the same crap over and over again. It's. It hasn't changed like the things that have caused this team to not be successful are exactly the same things that played them last year when they did lose, and there's a lot of good things about this team. I mean, like Cam Newton's, good Christian McCaffrey is good. They have a good group of receivers right now. Curtis Samuel might actually be good spy. John's of earlier this year offense fly my plate wealth. Obviously, defenses got you know their pieces, but it's just watching it from weakened weak out. You see the same problems and you're sitting there wondering as a third party, Ellen looker, what the hell. Make an adjustment. Make a compromise..

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