'The View' Co-Host Morgan Ortagus Clashes With Adam Schiff Over Discredited Dossier


So I guess Adam Schiff thought he was on the view and it was a safe space for him or whatever it is was he being micro aggressive or what But Morgan ortegas was having none of it So she asked him about his constant promotion of the dossier I want you to keep in mind as you're listening to this Keep this clearly in mind That Adam Schiff and I am quoting him directly please go to the Internet and double check me Always Double check everything I tell you Adam Schiff had said repeatedly that there was smoking gun evidence that Trump had colluded with the Russians We now know that whatever Adam's shift said was evidence was in fact nonsense created by the Clinton campaign And notice how he doesn't apologize I want you to notice here he throws out another debunk conspiracy theory that Paul Manafort was dealing with a Russian intelligence agent Constantine kilimnik That's who he's talking about in this cut Constant the kilimnik was in fact a source for the Obama administration too So if Paul Manafort was dealing with some Russian spy then we have a damage assessment to do about the Biden Obama Biden administration which had trusted this guy This is a great clip Did you cut it into two No the whole thing Okay all right play that cut And let's not forget what we learned in that investigation We learned that the Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was giving internal polling data campaign polling data to Russian intelligence while Russian intelligence was helping the Trump to be clear if he was fired halfway through the campaign Well he may have been fired Yeah But the effort to get Russian help continued and even beyond the effort to get Russian help But you made president information yourself for years by promoting this I think that's what Republicans and what people who entrusted you as they Intel committee chair are so confused about your culpability in all of this Well I completely disagree with your premise It's one thing to say allegations should be investigated and they work It's another to say that we should have foreseen an advance that some people were lying to Christopher Steele which is impossible of course to do But let's not use that as a smokescreen to somehow shield Donald Trump's culpability for inviting Russia to help him in the election which they did for trying to course Ukraine into helping him in the next election Which he did into inciting an erection insurrection which he did None of that is undercut None of that serious misconduct is in any way diminished by the fact that people lie to Christopher Steele No I think just your credibility is Did he say Donald Trump was inciting an erection You would like to say that on the radio Yeah I thought I heard that right Adam get your head out of the gutter Get your head out of the gutter you slob Disgusting Adam Schiff it's gross Talk like that on the radio But notice how he continues to parrot fairytales that no one could have possibly known Christopher Steele was lying Really Because the FBI as of January of 2017 when they interviewed Christopher Steele determined that Christopher Steele was in fact

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