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E N to five hundred five hundred. Is your thinking how I'm gonna spend it or there's people that appreciate slot machines? I'm excited tell and those people otherwise it just sounds kind of crazy. It's so Kevin Leman. Is he? Kevin leman. Day from noon to five. Yup. One fifty thousand dollars in cash that he then takes home with him salmon will today, actually when I asked me about this to invite you the said we have two great tickets to LA soccer game if you'd like to go on congratulations on your last jackpot. They go there. You have to go sign for the tickets at 'em. And well. Yeah, exactly. That's now is there a hotel there? Can you say this brand new one he's a beautiful? We should ask for an ad. Yeah, it was like we're doing an infomercial. We have anything to talk about on our show. Isn't that I want? Yeah. It's, it's. Let's Andy, what's the most, you think you've ever wanted most I've ever won will not on a slot machine? The most I've ever won was playing blackjack the most I've ever left a casino up was like seven or eight thousand dollars. Really having started with only like five hundred I had a run with blackjack in Vegas. I don't know how many years ago that was there for one of the kings games when they used to do. Yeah. Games in Vegas for preseason and I and I hit that's amazing. Yeah. I like going to. I like gambling. I never it never is. Yeah. You've usually. In a few hundred. Yeah, I take some money and I play with that money throughout the evening. And I go up, I go down, and like, in nights of entertainment, what an eighty. Eighty maybe twelve hundred fifteen hundred. Gives me when I was in college, I would literally take a bus to at NYU I would take a bus to Atlantic City, and I would go through all my money to the point where I had no more money left to my name, except for the bus ticket back and then walked from port. It's already down. I keep thinking now when I have a little bit of money, I having Zayed's when I'm playing like, you know, a twenty five dollar hand. It's weird playing back then blackjack. Wow, occasionally, I would do. I never did slot ever until I met you. I didn't really do slots, Julie likes playing slots. And I do play slots. And when I play slots, I really think this next spin could change my life. A really fun special weekend for my mom used to be my dad would take her to Atlantic City for two nights, and she would get like a couple in Nichols. And she play the nickels lots..

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