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Now. TV shows. Maltese. Both of those are a couple things that I'm trying to you're just looking for ways, especially as a comedian to carve out pieces of content that no one else is messing around with. And so I started doing this thing in the mall where I would basically anytime I'm in a city and I was Madison Wisconsin or puree Illinois. I go to a mall in the area. There's stores that don't exist in other malls. There's a place called I think like hot lunch or box lunch and I'm like, what is that? So I do these fake teasers where it's like, you know, and I pull them up with some of them are pretty blue. And I'll be like, what happens when two Rancho Cucamonga milfs decide to open a drug layer at the bottom in the bottom of their kids Xbox dungeon. Mario Lopez and Maria menounos star in hot lunch, and then I reveal the name of the store. Yeah. That sounds Adam ray comedy. But then there's celebrity plane sliding. That's the one that really gets a nice pop. Basically, I aboard the plane. In an earlier fashion, when the other person won a one. What's that? You're in one name. One ah man, you don't got enough. They don't like it when you put your feet up in the very front like that. You got to have a seat in front of you. People board the plane. I sneak some pictures of them. Some would say, hey, that's illegal. Creepy. Others would. And have I gotten caught for sure. Do some people sometimes stare right into the barrel of the camera. Yeah, and do I just go, I'm sorry. And so I take his pictures, and then I put up a whole run of basically who they are. Whether it's Jeffrey Dahmer's dad or Carole Baskin's mom or rich eisen, I don't know if we had a rich eisen spotting, but I look forward

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