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And the way it works for you for your arthritis pain is that it should be court pulls the immune system away from your joint it literally pulls the immune system away from your joy so the researchers now showing if you take the call it is been a lot of your own studies about away did know was quiet for college HX is my little dog culture it turns out Hudson has some arthritis and his back left leg I'm actually CoreLogic checks in with the show well I feel very confident in doing that has been a bundle of studies and dogs a threat for veterinary sh center an odd university Kansas veterinary school there during the same place and they've done a number of studies on blogs with flame national thrive dish and it's really taken away their pain it's really reduced paying clearly I mean you could see it but often people it's been amazing the original studies I sort of quality checks a quick ingredient came out of Harvard Medical School it was people with a devastating kind of arthritis the second most common arthritis is one where the immune system attacks your joints as call rheumatoid arthritis and it can cause disability I mean it literally destroys the joint at this figure stem to get all swollen your fingers got all bent and it's attacking twenty all around your body it's not just your shoulder and your your your knuckles and you thought all men and you need in your hips at you told everything I when they gave them call the J. checks all the gate was quality checks or placebo it was actually reducing the symptoms so dramatically they didn't have to take pain medication anymore they didn't have to take your pain medication anymore it was actually putting rheumatoid arthritis patients into remission they does several studies on the case western reserve's school forms to review the study station to stuff is real okay let's go to a break your he can fight health will be right back.

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