A highlight from Workout: Boredom



What do you do when you're bored to death. You know when you know you've got some goals you know you want to improve your life. You wanna make the magic happen but you just find yourself over and over board in know your board during the weekday or bordering the weekend and it's like there's all this opportunity all these things to look and learn and participate with but you're bored and it keeps happening and you don't know what to about that. I don't hate yourself for that because i know how that can feel. You're like oh my god. There's so many great things in the world. There's so many problems and i'm bored. What a jerk. I am and i don't want you to feel like that because believe it or not. Everybody gets bored at times. So don't take it as some like existential threat. Like oh my god. My life must suck. I don't know what's going on. It's like no no. We just have to refocus you and relying you and change some of the ways. You're showing up in your life in your career in your relationships. It's something you can totally fix so you have to challenge yourself to show up in everything you do with way more presence and engagement. Boredom isn't always about this long term thing that you don't have a purpose or goal is that you're kind of going through the motions and you're allowing yourself to go through the motions each day. It's the way that you are doing things that is making you board. You're not fully engaging it so yes you're busy but by the end of the day when you look back and you say did i give my all today reengage day with full presence full challenging yourself you know people who are married to people or how long term relationships and they end up doing is going through the motions with their relationships too. You know they don't even know what their partner likes or their spouse likes and so they don't engage that and now that relationships becomes boring. Because you're not mutually trying to do something together. Explore new restaurants travel new places. Try new things. Gopher new walks in different parts of town like try to help each other achieve each other's goals. Your relationships are the greatest. Fountainhead for all of life's vibrancy. So if your board re-engage does relationships like go away. Deepen relationships great get greater depth and just feeling there that will change things for you. What happens to i'm bored. So when they do they turn on. Tv and they just start randomly flipping through instead. If you'd say. Okay i'm bored. What are the long term skills. I needed to develop. What would i love to learn about this part of the world that part of the world or this idea or this strategy or the scale center this business idea and instead of going to television like literally go to the bookstore. Get some books. Get some biographies. If you're not a reader that's great then find some podcasts. That you can listen to reengage. You're learning journey. Watch some videos on ted. Watch some videos on youtube. Watch some videos that aren't like just casual browsing through but are rather like very directed towards helping you develop because when you engage personal development again professional development again when you say oh i'm going to really learn about this thing your body and your mind gets enthusiastic about it. I've never met somebody who gets bored. Learning about something they care about right. You might get bored with the way you're doing it the now when you really re engage new challenge yourself that will make a big difference you got to take the mantle of leadership in whatever you're doing in your life you might not accept it yet you maybe you haven't owned yet but you are leading the kids. You are leading your peers at school. You are leading the people at work the way that you show up see. People who are board are often board because they're in their own head. They're not someone saying you know what. I'm a role model. People are paying attention to me. I want the kids to see a fully in vitalize like vitalize. Mom i want. I want my team to see me. Have the best attitude here. I want other people to see me following my dreams. So i'm going to work hard for that. They're not aware of others and they're not aware that you are a role model. Good or bad you really want to get out of boredom start leading people start defining a bigger vision with other people start setting bigger goals for your teams for your family for the people and start talking about those goals all the time. Would they really want. How are they working towards it. Cheer them on empower them inspire them give them tools but lead other people to a bigger vision. This comes back to you also leading yourself. You've got to reengage yourself in a different way to avoid boredom like you got to paint a big vision. I remember maybe four or five years ago in my own career. I was like everything was humming along. We'd kinda hit way bigger goals. I ever wanted my entire life and everything was going great. And so what i do i said you know what if i just accept where i'm at right here. I can be happy. I can be satisfied that can be fulfilled however in three or four years. I'm end up board. I'd better take on something big right now. I better decide instead of just doing my things. I'm going to start a movement. And so i said i'm going to start a movement around this topic of high-performance pushing ourselves to reach the next level of success reengaging in life in a different way. I'm going to do some research on some new brands. some events or some new courses. I'm gonna start a movement around this topic of high-performance because nobody owned it. And i said i'm going to take an own that out in the world and it's been a great challenge for me to lead this movement of high-performance if i just kept saying l. i'll just teach personal development all the time but i didn't decide to make a bigger community thing a bigger movement thing. I'd been bored by. I took the mantle of leadership though. It's hard even though. I don't know what i'm doing sometimes even though i got to build a bigger team and do all these big challenging things. That's the changing of the game. There's so many things that you can engage with change your life give you back that full charge and put you on the path to high.

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