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A whole lot of other hitherto backward types who just beginning to flourish. Get a really good point. And even the record in this race in the last ten years like olympic glory to go onto groupon success master the season we just mentioned of confused a massive discipline really in hindsight but there were other decent horses in there. it's just it's it's got an interesting mix of horses corto unfortunately never got the chance to race a race again after winning the national stakes At the curragh post it's intriguing. The dolphin have for whatever reason salt this race out. And i've decided to use this as a springboard for success and i think masekela that you mentioned that's a huge step up on the performance that was expected at roy ascott and kind of felt a little bit. Sorry for him. Because i know that connections the world of them and it looked as though he was going to do it and deliver the goods and it was kind of unusual for andrew balding horse because they tend to improve on their first run but It clearly come on awful fresco. It was probably the switch to go to firm ground. Yes it could mean. The chechen was around on soft ground. I thought it looked very strong chechen stakes beforehand at ascot and still do away even though great. Max was down the field in the superlative sweeping who was folded in the chechen He was beaten as will wasn't he at newmarket loss. Wiki one of the maiden races so mass akita has kind of jumped passed sweeping a great max so definitely improved a lot for that. I run at that. Run in the chechen but i think the front to the chechen rebels is really looking out for point. Lonsdale lovely individual. Throw bron and the queen's will reach the moon rent such a genuine race in that chechen stakes Was in front or on the front end all the way and found an amazing amount. I felt in the conditions over that stiff. Seven phones chiro. Having only seconds. Starting i think majesty agra decent one there and by sea the stars the absolute legend chris. I'm very fine. And what does it very race. You're going to get so many tweets going who through the darlie july the darlie to like was Obviously the feature race of the july meeting and you talk about throwing a blanket over the phone with fields. Similar story bought Starman emerged victorious tomorrow on board. There was something with ashim murphy. Afterwards about picking the wrong horse was being polite answering that. I don't think he had the option I think he came in for the right on on starman when tom wasn't available but i don't think that this was a case of a choice. He was just being very polite Dragon symbols a monstrous race defending champion and roy. Ascott hero oxted Has run a monstrous. We've our power and there for large getting the scumbag each way money A royal ascot hero in creative force and ari'el ascott second finishing sixth so there's not an enormous amount between them and yet the more i watched this back the more comfortable. It seems for starman. Yeah i i degree. I think he's one lane in in what was on is probably the best sprint of season And was a very strong looking renew. I think the point about as she murphy. I think you'll roy. He probably didn't the choice in that he was always gonna stay loyal to dragon single anyway. Because i think he had a hand in the boeing did just been well documented and. I thought it was an exceptionally strong july. Will there were several holes in the coulda put a stop folders. And he's overcoming little bit of interfere Roman at the end he's wet on top. Dragons similar run that superb race in the world cup as discussed earlier age and was disqualified off from first place. But what what struck me. And i take. Dragon symbol on on. Saturday was the way that he encamping. Nanny who five things clear the others komo's cup in the united for me. That's always a massive take when tools or even the first three. Come clear the others of the you can be pretty positive about the full moon and he ran a fantastic price as As well all power had his own way of things on the fall admit he's probably run. The rice in his life possibly helped by being on that false ought to be able to just blast off. But i will quite impressed by the fifth creative force who all four of his previous races that season and he was running at the finish. One won seven photos the road racing in the jersey stakes previously. He looks russell. These still getting better. And even glenn shield. It was just behind them on ground. That really would have been quick enough for him. He's run another fantastic something. He's a remarkable slain share. What what she wants has done with him. I think is is quite stupendous because go back a couple of years He was an import Frontside get come from france and he was basically you know rated little bit low lower than well lower than than you would expect to finishing in july companies. Just done nothing but go forward from what she wants. Some but 'cause most of his best form was coming with cutting the ground as it Boys win in the champion sprint. On champions day also titus o. I thought that was a particularly critical. Run from glenn. Shield who at the age said to be getting better and better. I think there's big race wins in those five dragging symbol oxted art power creative force and glen. She'll still to come in terms of starman. How much higher can he go and perform. And what would you like to see from next well. One of the inhibitors will be the ground. Because he's definitely a false ground holes. He's the any blot on his career was behind glen. Shiel ascot in october on very soft ground. Where you're getting a folder So he's gonna have conditions to suit. I've got a little bit of a a not this morning actually that One of the slot holders full the everest in australia that Extraordinarily valuable race has been in touch with the connections of storm and fishing whether they might be interested That might be a little bit exclusive on the final film that and it but i think the racing post will have it tomorrow but is a chance that he could run in that. We've beaten them. We've we've minded they anyway. Two ways of looking at that. Obviously the the travelling and the difficulties Getting into different countries at the moment is is is is is not straightforward but he probably would get his ground in australia. And it may be very tempting when you consider what is targets was six photons all potential targets in this country and you probably looking the haydock sprint baby the champion sprint. Again on champion. Stay in both of those races. It could be too so far. Yeah so if i were. The connections astonished little approach from somebody with a stake in the everest. Ibm keen to learn a.

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