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Hasn't been that political other than searing world government. He hasn't picked candidate ever so all of a sudden. Roger Stone's appears on Alex Jones Program. They heated they have a countless number of appearances and finally Jones secures. What he wants and trump's accusers. What he wants. Which is an interview on the Alex Jones Program? Donald Trump is our guest ladies and gents the next thirty minutes or so and obviously he is a maverick he original. He tells it like. It is doesn't off teleprompter. Neither do I. He's self made this whole media operation that reaches twenty million a week worldwide conservatively self-made. That's why I'm so excited. And he joins us from trump tower in New York City. He is the leading twenty sixteen Republican presidential contender. Donald thank you for joining us. Thank you Alex. Great to be with you one moment. Here's the moment that Alex Jones a pros and welcome and be Donald. Trump knows that he's going to be able to start to activate all the people who have been with with Alex Jones neighborly even people who go before Donald Trump say about. What's coming up? I just want to finish by saying you're reputations. Amazing I will not let you down. You'll be very very impressed. I hope on impressed. I mean you're saying you're fully committed you know there's no future if we don't take this country back. Donald Trump thank you so much sir you will be attacked for coming on and we know you know that. Thank you. Thank you very much now. They're interested they get interested by listening to stone and Jones and more importantly listening to trump and Jones is very big on saying that in key often says things to stone on the show and not very long after that trump tends to repeat them in arena performances during his campaign three years. Hillary is the founder of Isis along with Obama President Obama. He is the founder of Isis. He's the founder of Isis. And I would say the CO founder would be Hillary Clinton so suddenly Alex Jones all the way from the benches as landed right at the heart of the United States presidential election. Not so that Some people we talked to in the entities have said you can attribute trump's victory so that alliance between Jones stone and trump that is such an untold story in terms of our political history especially the contemporary chapter of the story. I so I was curious. Mike. I mean. Obviously these guys are sharing stories that are resonant There are talking about things that people are worried about. Anxious about can you tell me? What are they talking about? What kind of conspiracy theories are they spreading? And what's the content in those ideas? Yeah there's two fundamental things that are happening. Stone has had a sort of second life as conspicuous when he writes a book about the Kennedy. Assassination says there's no way John F. Kennedy was shot by a single gunman Texas school book depository he also has written lots of Articles and a book about The Clintons and Bill Clinton's alleged rapes and Hillary's compliance group that so the Kennedy assassination and the Clinton Hatred. Yeah the Bush administration. Well this is a big anti elite movement that he's bring To the Jones show in Jones. Of course that spends his whole career Very concerned about world government nationalism globalism and the idea that big government the Clintons Bush's and others are just waiting for the right moments to institute something. We'll take guns away from people. Get people blocked up and that can run the whole gamut from Texas to almost all of it including and where Jones and stone come together. Health problems killing Clinton When they raised in the summer of twenty sixteen that conspiracy Clinton skill that really wakes up on facebook. She was in the hospital for almost a year. He had a bunch of brain surgery folks. They've kept medical records secret. She looks like hell but I mean what's really going on Hillary. What's the inside until Roger Healthy Snack? Not good bills. Help is also not good. She had a small stroke or she has had some other disorder She seems to be have no stamina whatsoever. And guess who is paying attention that moment so that that's leading to and his research agency in mice. Go and the way that that goes. According to lots of we did is they are the Russians are into business to amplify the things that people like jokes and still talk right so I was curious Before we get to coronavirus in specific conspiracies around that You're making a big documentary. You're sharing in part conspiracy theories. How do you walk that fine line of not amplifying this but also trying to understand underneath this movement in a way that isn't just adding more of this into universe of our media world? You're right about that brings. How did he walk the line between actually just talking about it and it and making it somehow true? I think it's very clear from the very beginning. What's at work here? What the nature of the conspiracy is. Why people believe in conspiracies. We have two very good and experienced it. authors who had written about this in some detail and of course we've talked to the people who had been victimized or impacted by the conspiracies themselves especially around newtown in watching what's going on here last appointment mental question which. I've asked thirty or so people we've interviewed. So why do people and the answer is we're all looking for answers that are proportional to the event and when we talk about the death for the murder of John F. Kennedy the reason so many conspiracy theories up around that according to the experts retouching touches because the proportions are rock one guy all that havoc death of the president in the United States. Oh my God changing America. One guy did that no way. That's the that's the that's a massive conspiracy right but becomes true for almost everything that comes down to line. How can you explain corona virus? How can you explain almost any of the issues that comes forward without without saying you cannot possibly be? It has to be bigger than that gaming. You're telling me that this thing. That's destroying the world is the result of one. Little somewhere. No No. It's gotta be bigger than that. It's gotTa have attention to it. What people like Alex Jones Roger Stone and Donald Trump and and conspiracy? Some the left or able to do is they're able to connect the dots. People feels like a coherent answer to a problem. That makes them feel powerless it. They don't have some Kinda answer..

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