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But it's had Diego in recently. Is that something that has changed your perspective on sort of the way? I mean, look it was going amazingly. Well theory of everything that happened at kicked it up to another notch. And you were getting great opportunities. But in the year, plus even know how many years it's been now. But since rogue one do feel like it has it changed more of your professional life where personal life just being like recognized by kids. Now, I think I think definitely professional life. I mean, the the puzzle the puzzle life is I mean, that's we'll mice without cheesy. But when you do have young boys and girls coming up to you at that is something very special in that. 'cause you go you all the future. If you care about these foams, do you have strong strong role models in them, then the world hatefully will continue to hopefully be be a bit of a better place. But I think professionally definitely, you know, have being in a film that has that that wide reach and and that affection for it globally. It definitely gives you more more say in the stories that you tanning in an all to me. That's what I was so passionate about I mean, as you all done that so much of why we do what we do. It's the stories that we put out into the wall that we care about say behind have more control in that is. Yeah is opposite blessing. Did you guys a lot during that press store and your fabulous actor? So I don't know how much you were able to mask it at the time. Like, did you Zayed's before the film came out because as you know? I put this out there. The movies amazing. It turned out amazing. Also, kind of a miracle that it did give all the buzz around at the time. Oh, here we go. This is going to be the one that ruins the track record was that affecting you where you like I'm going to be the face of the Star Wars film, that fails never know. That's what is fascinating. I mean, that's why I think keeps us in the game. How something's going to turn out to even you know, you have the most while respect respected director, and these people, and it can still be a pile of. You never ever know until it hits the screens and do the ultimate do the audience wanted to see this. Do they care about his narratives? I mean oversee when it does click it. It is pretty fantastic. What are you excited for your buddy Diego too? Definitely definitely. And we had we had a really really special time on that foam. You know, as it's on the scale like no other when you walk onto say, and there's about three hundred people it is a pretty tremendous. So yeah, it's it's fantastic to keep celebrating it and special stories, and I'm Cathy Kennedy is really pushed women in the in the scifi universe. You know, was he that is a there is a legacy. I mean coming from films alien, and to be able to continue that was pretty awesome. Let's let's go back for a little bit since we were in my little movie mecca, and we're just getting out here. A little bit growing up more you into what was we're on your walls. What was your passion? Well, it was definitely the the pinnacle of the nineteenth blockbuster. Which we are very similar ages. So we had to. Carnesi? So we would go out my mom would drive us in tiny tiny call. My brother night be squashed in the back, and we drive to favorite cinema, which was about an hour away from from where we live because she liked this particular cinema because of the quality of the of the sound. Yeah. That's the kind of detail that I am. There's not Dolby surround here. It's going to be another half hour, but we're going to make the trip. Okay. Felicity. That's good. To finish file sets the ball high. She exposing you to every kind of a movie or yeah. Yeah. Definitely. I mean, we would this particular multiplex. We were saying the Addams family was. Favor family values. Underrated. Good. I admire that commitment. And then obviously all the well that sprang vent and the MC hammer attract, but then my brother, and I went to imitate the Danzig t really badly. You know, the chicken, Don. Those that want wonder I just saw Felicity do the. Down. I read something some random thing you've been a reference not in the film..

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