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As leader whether you're a ceo someone in the c. Suite sales later on in a leader in any capacity you know that today entrepreneurs canada rockstars of the millennial generation. But you've heard me say so many times that i believe that entrepreneurship business leadership about something far greater the money mo- more important becoming the next entrepreneurial unicorn it's about purpose and a successful business kellyanne. If you're in touch with your purpose become a way for you to positively impact the world. I'll guess today is tom billion now. He's the co founder of the two thousand fourteen inc. Five hundred company quest nutrition. It was a unicorn startup. Valued at over one billion dollars. He's the co founder and host of impact theory tons mission is the creation of empowering media based ip the acceleration of mission based businesses. Tom is driven to help. People develop the skills they need to improve themselves in the world and is intent is in using commerce and to address the joe. Pandemic of physical and mental malnourishment. Tell me regularly inspiring audiences of entrepreneurs change makers thought leaders at some of the most prestigious conferences and seminars around the world including abundance three sixty eight fast and freedom fastlane. So i'm has also been a guest on some crappy little show. What was his name some guy. We talked to tell you podcast. He's been at the school of greatest podcast and he's been featured in forbes inc and success and the huffington post and he's currently on the innovation board x prize foundation so lease and gentlemen. Please live the be here man. Thank you so much. Thanks really appreciate you being on now. Listen i know you've done frigging thousands of views i have to. We've been doing it for years. There's some really important things you like to talk about. talk about. And we'll definitely get to however a lot of the things that you're asked podcasts. The tom bill. You fans of bowed many many times and so i want to dive deep. Is that all right man. Please statement somewhere new love good so the first thing i wanna do is a kind of style from the obvious and then go a little bit more so we talked about the question nutrition. It was his unit. Con- up blah blah blah. It's the stuff. That leonard on the tony robbins podcast <hes>. But you didn't start out being a business builder and entrepreneur. You start out with something that might in fact seemed like the polar opposite of the pat success. Which was your lover. Phil and you went to film school. How did your family feel about you tripping the light brand tacit rather get yourself a good steady job <hes>. I think that you know my mom lived in constant and still does quite. Frankly live in a constant state of panic that i was going to do nothing with my life that i would <hes>. Be unhappy in some way and so she worried but very quietly so when i was a kid she was very encouraging. Wanted me to go chase my dreams and so i didn't grow up with that like pressure from my parents or anything. They wanted to see me happy. I was very passionate about film making. They could see my excitement. They wanted to see me. Pursue it <hes>. So they were very encouraging about that. My dad is. I got towards graduation. Film school he sent me starting at month. Six or five hundred member exactly my senior year. It was five more months four months three more months one month at two when he was not going to be helping me financial anymore so literally the day. I graduated <hes>. I had no more assistance from my family so that was actually great so from that perspective. He didn't have too many concerns <hes>. Because he just believed. I would somehow figure it out. So that long story but took me through my remedial jobs phase where you know barely making ends meet but i made some <hes>. I made some what ended up being quite smart decisions around managed apartment complexes and things like that really cheap rent as why was while you were in films who know right after i graduated. Put again as about weirdness right like all you went to film school you went to film school. I assuming you want to make films and managing apartments. It's a weird mix. I mean we know people go into the arts often wait tables. You managed apartments. That must've been that entrepreneurial spirit in you as well even doing that film time. it's interesting. there really wasn't and i. I am by nature. I am the world's worst entrepreneur. I don't have any real entrepreneurial <hes>. Instincts in me so even the apartment managing thing was was totally an accident. It was me capitalizing. An opportunity that presented itself and that i will say i've been good in my life about winning opportunity presents itself. I take that opportunity <hes>. But if that one hadn't fallen in my lap than that it's terrifying to think what the outcome would have been. So when i went to film school i thought that i would. I was showing real promise zone school. And i thought that i had natural talent for it and that shows you my mindset. I was very focused on what what comes naturally to me and so i thought it maitlis gifted filmmaker and so the first half of them school. I did very very well. And then i got selected as one of the four people to direct senior thesis film. Which is a big deal and so when it happened was like oh my god. I'm like bud shows. I'm literally one of four people chosen to direct this film. And i'm gonna make this. It's going to be amazing. i'm gonna go out. I'm gonna get a three picture. Deal from hollywood off the back of how good this film is going to be. And and my life will be. That's literally what i was thinking. And i showed up on the first day of domain with virtually no preparation and to give i wrote the script like to the minute that it was due so a couple of hours before. I jot something down which only feeds ending it gets elected which only feeds into. I'm just naturally good at this. So i roll up onset completely unprepared and i fail miserably very publicly incredibly embarrassingly and then that shakes my whole world and makes me realized that i am. I am not a talented filmmaker like that was the hard realization that i had phase at that moment.

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