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The 19 sixties in that last stretch of music, and as Yogi Berra would have directed us. We took the fork, and it was a good choice to here. The song about a quarter to nine. The melody by Harry Warren and something that comes from an entirely different time in the American music story revived in the sixties by the group called the Electric Prunes. Before that, in the same year of 1967, the chart topping to Sir with love by Lulu from the touching film of the same name, Sidney Poitier. Nellie Mukai, reviving Mrs Brown, You've got a lovely daughter and Kitty Kallen for cute new standards on W N. Y C. Paul Cavalcanti with Woody Herman, the singing bandleader. Making would be another bride. Another June another sunny honeymoon. Another season. Another reason for making whoopee a lot of shoes. A lot of rice. The groom is nervous. He answers twice. It's really killing that he's so willing to make would be Picture a little love nest weighed down with roses clean picture the same sweet love n'est think what a year can bring washing dishes. Baby clothes is some ambitious, even souls. But don't forget, folks. That's what you get folks for making whoopee. Hmm. Oh, Yeah. Another year or maybe list. What's this? I hear well, can't you get she feels neglected and he's suspected Making love be. She sits along most every night. He doesn't phone her. He doesn't write. He says he's busy. But she says, is he Is making will be it doesn't make much money on lift. I'm 1000 murders. Some judge thinks he's funny. He says he'll pay six, he says. Now, Judge suppose I failed, the judge says much right in a chair. You better keep her. I think it's cheaper, then making will be That's what the man's hand it takes the whole out of rare do make me Snow is no and Wind is blowing I can wear the star. What do I care? How much it may storm got my love to keep me warm. Can't remember a worse December. Watch those icicles for But do I care? Icicles form. Got my love to keep me what Off with my overcoat. Off with my glove. Who needs an old cold? I'm burning with love my heart's on fire. Flame grows higher. I will wear with stuff. But do I care? How much it may storm got my love to keep me one. Yeah. Hearts on fire fire gets higher. Oh, will weather the star? What do I can? How much it may storm. I've got my love. I got my love. I got my love to keep me.

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