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Kid hitting himself in the leg or herself in the leg with an epi pen and it said so apparent with an allergic child has to pay outrageous prices for an epi pen but a junkie that's oh deed for the fifteenth time can get narcan for free not raw not wrong it's not and the and the caption was one of these things i have a problem with right so again i just i it does sometimes those little memes make sense and we talk about how police officers in in god love in god loved the junkie that has to try to get out of that mess but having the police officers go back after their stash of for a narc hands are empty by midday and have to go back and get more to save more people that have oh deed it's really quite incredible and discussing the same time you know but the epi pen is eight hundred dollars race great okay i this story for winter break bruce brings to his childhood home he was five years old a graduate one point five million dollars shack it's it's bruce springsteen's home in new jersey hello and he grew up there right hey grew up there he lived there from five years old all the way through high school graduation it's his house out jerseys expensive place to live it's so for two hundred and fifty five thousand dollars what two hundred and fifty five thousand dollars that's it eleven thousand dollars below asking show springsteen so the name actually hurt the price of the house or didn't do it was indifferent if you've ever seen him make cod serve me forty years he's been playing music and saying when i grew up the worst house on the block and kirsten radon couldn't be prevented haunted by goes i mean you just trash his own house you know so i don't know if that but you gotta think somebody would okay why maker museum or something you know this your talk you are guy that travelled out of town and waited in the snow for three straight days for tickets tickets you had tickets but you you waited three days in the general general admission time you waited and i'm not exaggerating exaggerating here he waited three days i'm mocked him on the air for this for three days in the snow was it saint louis identity saint louis but the snow was in indianapolis indianapolis and right now you waited three days in the snow so you can get up in that little mosh pit area so you can sit next to the stage and go who's bruce springsteen now how do you get from that guy to where you kinda mock him now listen i'm just saying i'll mark everybody but who in this room has saying on bruce springsteen's microphone me no you have yes i have and melon ron what was the song mary's place he held the mike down and he held the mike i can't remember which ones you try to sing it likes brings did and he smiled give it a little springsteen smiling and kept the mic on me so i guess all right but remember mel from cure f yeah and her husband ron head seats on the side and they said oh good lord that's why that's why and so anyway now people will tell you springsteen has the i mean it's a three hour of brilliant music no it's great it's unreal politically he's jackass that you're saying no i'm say politically i don't agree with him however the guy's brilliant right when when when it comes he he didn't help the cell of his house no no he did he didn't tonight tonight is the first jefferson county public schools parent camp it starts tonight oh it started at five thirty tonight if you missed one tonight what you did they make them run and jump and passes it is at the jcp cps west louisville satellite office this is the parent camp here's why tell you this story if you're i believe that the problem part of the problem with jefferson county public schools is the parents i the big chunk of the problem it's not the teachers no it's not the student well it's the parents the parents are not involved enough in their children's lives to get this done right i look i i try to be involved as much with my kids but jackie does the.

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