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They got the running back solve they got a couple of guys on the defensive line i like let's go and get a great corner now this is where it gets dicey nine and ten area teams niners are at nine i think there's one wide receiver in this draft who's home run it's calvin ridley and again san francisco's got defensive personnel up front now they also need a corner but i don't think there's a corner worthy of the top ten after denzel ward and i didn't calvin wrigley even though he small is terrific player routes catching again coach able doesn't get in trouble i just think i again i don't love wide receivers but i think it nine value he's an explosive perimeter playmaker you got jimmy garoppolo you got kyle shanahan i think this is the spot you go getting i wouldn't move up for him but it's the spot i take him and ten raiders there's a linebacker out of georgia everytime i watched georgia he made a ton of tackles and i think he's probably the kid i would go get roquan smith you can watch the video where showing it to you right now he was just a playmaker on the defensive side and i think oakland got a ton of issues they need corners they need safeties i just think of all the players available he's the guy that's going to be in on moore plays he's going to be an on more tackles and also georgia kids we played in big games against auburn big games against alabama big games against florida lsu this kid's been in big games in the sec end of the bright lights and he's all over the field and i think oakland got so many needs let's start with this kid playmaker linebacker with that i go to klay hilton he's probably listed this mock draft going god coward never stops talking via the coward global satellite.

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