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The craziest thing she was like and everyone is like at the time Bruce Bruce Jenner one and she was a coup is Bruce Jenner. She never heard the name before just so interesting. It was such a foreshadowing moment but you know she continues to describe this relationship in the Colino Jane how they were always together and kind of the time that she was a little if you on her marriage with Robert was when Nicole was also going through things with O._J.. And she was saying that like Nicole would start to tell her about O._J.. Getting physical with her that something was often these cheating and and Chris wasn't sure what she was saying and she was kind of using her own implications but was kind of ignoring it because she like her and O._J.. We're so close obviously that it was like well. O._J.'s it's such a good guy and she tells us one story that she was with <hes> she was with Nicole and she looks outside and Nicole coal walks in and there's this gorgeous wait parked outside just a coal. What's that and she's like Yeah O.? J. O. J. Like it's my apology gift from whoever O._J.. Slept with this week and it's just so interesting like the whole friendship and she she said at one point that O._J.. beat the shit out of Nicole like that was when they had the pictures that surfaced during the trial O._J.. beat the shit out of her and that was what Nicole finally was like this enough. I can't do this anymore. Yeah just to take you back for a couple. Things and I want to say what you said number one the thing the the time that Jerusalem with a Ferrari. She says that when Nicole walks in she's like I was so focused on the Ferrari and how beautiful it was that I completely ignored the emotional distress that was caused by the reason for it happening in the first place. She's like and you know yeah. Nicole never said that he that I'm being abused. She's like she never used those words but this is she was like but I should have known she's like into this day. That is my biggest regret in life that I never ask more questions that I didn't ask the right right questions that I wasn't as in tune with you. You see this all the time with friends of women who are being abused that they get this overriding guilt and she talked a lot about that and she cited this one trip that he just think is really important for context they were. I forget where they they were going. I'm going to say Aspen but it probably wasn't and it was for Christmas birthday and you know they get back to hotel and they're going out for night the for them. It's her Robert O._J.. Nicole and they're about to go out for the night of dancing and O._J.. Walks out of the hotel room ancestor Nicole is not coming <hes>. She has the flu she's like what do you mean. She is the flu like we were just hanging out and he's like she's not coming in and she's like Oh..

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