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Gold dust stress off, leaving him in women's underwear, sable is going to come out. They start ripping at each other. Crash TV, baby. That's what we're doing. Shamrock and black wind are going to go to a double DQ with the new midnight express in a match that, well, it wasn't all that great, but we do get a stare down with shamrock and Dan severn before the match. Which could have been pretty fun, I guess. Yeah. It was planned to be fun. We wanted to be fun. It never came together, unfortunately. Listen, I guess I'm just trying to illustrate the point that hey, this is a huge show ratings wise, but it's not necessarily throwing together all this different talent because some of this stuff just doesn't click. It doesn't jail. We're trying things, but what makes this show so landmark was this one big story, and I know that that is like an almost an age old debate, Jim, about, hey, what's most important? You know, the stories or the matches, and there's a lot of there you go. I mean, I think that tells the story playing and so forth. Stories. Stories before the money is. And then you hope that the guys that you have involved in your stories and if they have helped nurture and contribute to, you hope then at the next phase is how they execute in the ring. And then he certainly hoped that they deliver in the ring as well as they did telling their story. It's got to be a package of fair, but the story comes first, and then following it up with the appropriate physicality of the ring is the next step. We should mention McMahon's going to do another interview talking about how he wasn't afraid of the federal government. He wasn't afraid of Turner and Tom Warner, which gets a big pop from the local crowd, and he's not afraid of Austin. It's all Austin and McMahon on this show, you can tell it's working whether you're breaking it down by just the total or the minute by minute or the quarter by quarter, these are the two biggest acts in the company at this point. It's crazy as that sounds, one of them being Vince McMahon. But this thread throughout just keeps people tuning in and it gives people a chance to call their friends, you know? You got to check this out. Here it comes. You're not gonna believe what's happening to not on raw. If you're not watching, switch over. Right. So it's over to the USA Network. It catches this shit. It should be really good. And it was. It was really good. The headbangers are going to come out undertaker is going to take care of them until Kane finally comes out and Paul bearer says that Cain would find him next week. In their parents graveyard, I know that Bruce thinks this is the greatest story in WWE history. And it is one hell of a story. But at times. Bruce has an invested and has an investment. He's undertaker's guy. And he had a good relationship with Paul bear, as many of us did with the old territory days, but Bruce has always been very partial. And rightfully so, I'm not knocking it. With his undertaker stuff. He has owned parts of the IP by his efforts. Bruce's efforts. So good for him. Any success, taker could get Conrad. I'm all for. So invested Bruce named his son king. Spells at the same moment too. Oh, and it's going to pin Billy Gunn in 8 minutes and 39 seconds. This is a pretty decent match. DX is going to be with you on commentary. A hundred is going to be hilariously ripping on legion of doom. Austin feels a little or Owen rather. It feels a little lost in the shuffle here. In hindsight, was that a missed opportunity on the heels of the screw job and all that? Oh, it should have been a bigger store, don't you think? I think so. Yeah, I think so. He could have carried the load, I don't know why he wasn't given the opportunity. You know, I don't know if it was some of those deals where it's like, well, you know, you held me up for money and I got a good contract. Your brother was a big pain in the ass. Blah, blah, blah. So here's where you are. You're in the middle of the card. To put Owen Hart with his amazing skills. In the middle of any card, is silly. It's illogical. So yeah, I think we missed the boat on that deal. Owen would have been should have been elevated more and had a bigger role. But unfortunately, that was not the case, and we missed an opportunity there. That question. Do you think Austin would have been hesitant to work with Owen because given their story a SummerSlam, it feels like he could have been a top contender for Austin. The story is right there, right? Oh yeah. You know, I've never heard Steve's never shared with me that he would not want to work with Owen for any reason. I've never heard that. Now, he may have felt that way and didn't want it to get in the locker room because he didn't want to be a turd. I don't know. But Steve's never indicated to me that he would not work with Owen. Look at both of them are healthy and Steve was looking for somebody in another sounds, what's the word I'm looking for crazy, I guess. For the guy that hurt him, who actually one of the safest guys in the company. Right. So if you look at

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