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That there was no crime committed and there was no prosecutable offence not understanding the elements and the risks of using technology outside of the appropriate channels of government is stupid but it's not criminal here are the facts the fbi did not initiate the clinton email investigation that investigation was referred to the fbi in july two thousand fifteen by the inspector general for national security and the fbi did not seek that work but they had no choice after the referral news was leaked to the fbi that the investigation had been opened and mrs clinton was not pleased so one of the distinct and she went to the new york times and she went to the fbi and she said some things in public that were completely untrue that this was a national security review when it was in fact a investigation of whether her conduct was or was not criminal so mrs clinton lied to the american public i don't like that in my politicians and it's not the first time that one of the clinton's has done something like that but the result was that the fbi would neither confirm nor deny which is their standard practice when they are investigating something and they have not reached a conclusion as to whether or not it is criminal and prosecutable their normal reaction is not to make any public statements both because they don't want to infer something negative on someone who's not guilty of a crime and secondly because they don't want to tip off the guy they're investigating but at that point in july of twenty fifteen deputy director of the fbi at that time mark guliani no told james komi you know you are and i'm going to use a bad word here you know you're totally screwed bright to which komi in his book says he replied yes and he goes on to say at the core of mark's gallows humor was a gallows and this is where i completely agree with komi no matter what be honest outcome the institution that being the fbi credibility and mine would will be will be damaged the only question is how much and he goes on to say there's a certain freedom in being totally screwed in knowing you will be attack no matter what you do and as a result of deciding that he'd be judged ill either by acting or not acting he and the inspector general argue he was he was he acted and then the attorney general is absolutely correct he was insubordinate he was a subordinate to attorney general loretta lynch and deputy assistant attorney general sally yates.

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