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I'm reminder, and I think today's is the last pair to give away to show what's happening. Device failure pox speeder Saturday night. The premier official tribute act Led Zeppelin led Zappa again, a lot of you know, who they are. They're so spectacular. At the headliner. Apple tones, my group. Number two slot. Number one slot. Jimmy Jay Jay Walker. Classic comedy. Classic rock going to be a lot of fun. I think the last parent given out today and then speaking of giveaways, we got we got tickets to give away for the big fight Daniels going to have tickets for a kiss. I'll explain all of that as the day progresses now yesterday, I told this story about the the students who are pro-life the native American group the group of so-called black Israelites or just pull. Hey tate. Very convoluted hard story to follow especially the way that it was Representative the media which was wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. A lot of impetus fell into the lap of this young high school student who is staring at a native American drummer. And it was given the impression he was trying to antagonize this that and the other thing, and it has since been learned and it's true. He wanted to be the peacemaker and by staring at this Indian gentleman and smiling and not reacting that was the whole thing. He said if I if I if I exhibited a friendly face and didn't react, I thought things would calm down. The the group of black haters were just off the graph with their rhetoric. They are self professed black separatists they were taking on everybody from Donald Trump to white people in general to other blacks who disagreed with them. Who really stood up for everybody? These other black individuals. You'll find the audio online. Listen to it later. Don't listen to it now because I'm talking, and I want you to talk and respond to this. But it's it's this audio has gone all over the place, and you will find it online. I do want you to hear it. I really do. But where did this all come from the account claimed to belong to a California schoolteacher that was the Genesis that was the beginning of it? Or was it? It's profile photo was not of a schoolteacher. But of a blogger based in Brazil. Why what's going on here? Now Twitter suspended the account just as soon as as CBS business. Apparently found this to be a phony. Apparently, they were the first is kinda sort this out. I'm not for sure on that. But I think they were. Now this account was set up in December of two thousand sixteen and it appeared to be tweets from a woman name, I believe it was Talia something like that living in California teacher and advocate quote. Fighting for twenty twenty so to say, that's what the bio said of the Twitter bio, so since the beginning of this year the account tweeted on average. One hundred thirty times a day. With more than forty thousand followers. So late on Friday. The account posted a minute long video showing this now I Connie confrontation between a native American elder and high school students with the caption this mega loser. Gleefully bothering native American protester at the indigenous peoples March. That version of the video. Was viewed by at least two point five million people. At that point. I'm sure it's been much more by now. And it was re tweeted at that point. Fifteen fourteen thousand four hundred times. So it was everywhere. In its graphic misrepresentation. Now the video shared by this this phony individual claiming to be a teacher did not show. What preceded confrontation between the native American elder in the high school students was supposed to be. It just showed the staredown. Okay. But then a longer video was discovered and I'll explain that too. But President Trump gets into the act defending these.

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