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A full return of heating authorities say a snowmobile was critically injured when he crashed into a car on a city street in flint police say the fifty one year old man was riding on a snowcovered neighborhoods street when he crashed into the passenger side of a car at an intersection about noon on tuesday investigators believe excessive speed was a factor in the crash and say the car's driver was cooperating with investigators the snowmobile driver was taken to a hospital in critical condition flint police detective tyrone booth says snowmobiles are not allowed on city streets and michigan lawmakers are working on a bill to allow out of town veterans to buy drinks at clubs run by the veterans of foreign wars or the american legion under current law veterans from out of town must rely on the generosity of others if they wanted drink wam radar weather forecast from lam radio porch day partly cloudy high of about twelve mostly clear tonight low near five below then for tomorrow cloudy high of fourteen that's wam news now i'm dan martin for years you've been using carl from down the road when you have trouble with your plumbing he sort of fixed your garbage disposal last year and the toilet in the second bathroom isn't flooding the game anymore but still it's never quite right and when he benz over to look under the kitchen sink uh you get an eiffel is something you just did not want to see next time call rourke plumbing the professionals at rourke proved time and again that they are the cleanest need is plumber in town in business for nineteen years work will give you an upfront quote so that you know the price ahead of time their trucks are like a warehouse on wheels stock with a parts they need to make your.

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