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It's more layers of medical. Types. We don't have to good. They're doing shit. No fucking it up. Do you do it? I can do. That's. Question play ball. Excuse me. I'm from Iowa. And I I love your Loch Ness monster country, and I'd like to I just want to know, where's the wifi? Can you help me you fucking? Look, you're I consider you lower totally rude. So just fucking let go on me like like wants fries with that. Yeah. It's just a restaurant wiser dirt here. Why don't you go about to fucking England? You fucking they Busta that sounds nor. Okay. Oh fuck. Can we talk about right? Can we talk about the Brown? The Brown sauce on the fuck and bacon, buddy. Or the chip. It's the greasy thing I've ever had in my life. Well, the fans. Suddenly stopped talking to. Good. Think the brain sauce is normal. It's just a red sauce. But she's also a point so Glasgow when you speak can a normal red sauce, but not not right? So. Funcees? Can I have some ketchup? That's when you knew your. Have you ever had a bacon by? Rolling. It's just fucking French fries on a roll. Vega buddy buddy is just chips. It's a rule and baking den, and I were in it was freezing tits there like during like nears eve. Like we had a fucking. A deep fried Mars bar which was fucking good. That's fucking all of this type. Who is? It's just it's me Scottish, Shannon. Oh. Hey, hey, come come. You. Didn't succeed Zach up there. Why have to be up there? Feels like it might need to beat now. Okay. I just want to troll ham. Janu in question. That's me. I wanted to get. What I wanted to do. Yeah. Gun. You're gonna get. Be known. Everyone from. No, I just got a gun. M C fam- seen a Scottish, see. My name is MC MC. Mc MC MC MC. Mc. Mc. Mc. Mc mc. My trash don't make me do it for free pay. No chances..

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