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But finding the sweet spot on day two for them to pick up another one of these guys is a little bit challenging with the way that their picks are drawn out, right? Especially if it's a nose tackle. Like if it's one of these hybrid tackle ends like dairy and math is from Oklahoma. Winfrey, thank you one of my favorite players in draft. Can't remember his name that time of year. Like if it's one of those guys, I think it's a little bit easier, right? It's the true nose in the second round as a little tough. Yeah. Okay, so at other one, I guess maybe if he falls to the Patriots, Jermaine Johnson from Florida state is getting some real light like top ten buzz, right? He's gonna go pretty darn high in the draft. And if all the players know that they could get in the front 7 in the first round, if he does magically fall to them at 21, there are very few guys that check as many boxes for what Bill Belichick wants out of a position like Jermaine Johnson easily to me better than Hutchinson better than kayvon thibodeau better than Trayvon walker. I think he's the best run defender out of this edge group bar none. I don't think anybody's better at him than processing, defeating blocks, posting up and holding up blocks. He is fantastic. And that phase of the game and can also rush the passer. I think he's gonna be a fringe top ten guy, but I would absolutely love him if the Patriots could get his hands on him. Yeah, I think he probably moved out of the equation when David ojabo tore his Achilles. Yeah. Because he kind of, Jabba was flirting with that top ten range, right? Until he had that injury and I think basically all the hype around, hey, here's this edge guy who's moving to the top ten really well rounded player, great athlete. Jeremy Johnson just kind of seamlessly filled that void when our job went down, right? So if what job was still on the board.

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