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Yoga i so. Yumi yumi yumi. You may four players each right now. Oh this is fun. Okay all right my first pick the number one pick you get number y and and of course we're not heathen so say non snake draft so we'll just bounce back and forth. Okay so i'm going to pick number one overall and this is just projecting for the twenty twenty one season. Okay that's what our show is about the top. Okay i'm drafting fernando. tatis junior number one overall. I love it. you've got well. He's on the front of the video game too. So you've got Guide that's the face of your face your new franchise. It's a good one okay. I will select. Let's see. Do i go pitcher or position player. I'm gonna go. Kind of in that vein. I'm gonna mookie betts okay. I'm going to go my heavy favourite to win the cy young in the national league. Jack flirty who excellent. That's a good pick. okay. I will take jacob degrom or who okay. I'm going to go with a another pitcher. Because i the pitching wedge ships a guy that has something to prove blake snell will throw seven innings on average with the padres. I will take shane bieber right. All right i will take francisco francisco door. Oh man and my final pick just you just you gotta pick not oh come on. I'll take are not okay. Well you can watch. Mlb networks top one hundred players right now and you can watch greg zinger on mlb tonight or an auto again ninth last year third the year before and exciting to ramp up and hopefully actually have baseball. Greg singer. you're the best man. Appreciate it in and nice team. Look forward to To watch them do battle this year against us. Chris take care. Buddy am yeah..

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