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What happens to those individuals. Okay. Okay. So that's the logistics of this all and obviously Elizabeth there's there's outrage from the LGBTQ community. But the big question to me, I think is has the Pentagon determined. This is a valid strategy does keeping transgender people out of the military. Keep Americans safer. All the service chiefs, and those are the heads of the army navy, Marine Corps and air force have all testified to congress about this issue. Are you aware of any issue of unit cohesion disciplinary problems or issues with morale resulting from open transgender service discipline cohesion the fours? No, many of those service chiefs have actually met with the transgender servicemembers in their ranks. So you won't see it or hear about it from the service chiefs. But what DOD would tell you what they said in their statement following the supreme court's decision is that this is about legality about combat effectiveness, and that this policy is driven towards that end. Well, sounds like you're saying the Pentagon's insisting this will improve things, but they're not the ones backing that up with evidence, right? This is sort of a theory. They have not testified that there has been any impact of transgender servicemembers in their ranks. All right. The word from the Pentagon. Thank you, Elizabeth. Thanks. So many people weighing in on that confrontation between teenagers from Covington Catholic high school in Kentucky and a native American elder. It turned into a viral moment, sparking a heated national debate. More details, however were revealed as the week unfolded. And now, we have even more questions ABC's. Juju Chang has more on what happened last weekend on the National Mall in DC. It was the staredown that sparked outrage. Videos, capturing white high school students many wearing maga- hats chanting, throwing Tomahawk chops and appearing to surround a native American elder. Mike. Now that students speaking out to NBC my position that I was not respectful. The footage. Igniting fury across the internet, including many celebrities. Kathy Griffin tweeting, I want names avengers star. Chris Evans, calling the confrontation shameful and Eliza Milano saying red hat is the new white hood. But now many are seeing a different side of that encounter. We widen. The lens taking you inside a longer video showing a more nuanced picture of what actually led up to that standoff. It.

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