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Masha gessen is a russian american nonfiction writer s the author of several books among them the man without a face the unlikely rise of ladimir putin her newest book is the future is history how totalitarianism reclaimed russia thanks for coming on thank you for having here's my supposition of this book you've written so many books on putin you're the putin whisperer you can explain putin better than in everyone explain putin people say and invariably you will say well to understand putin you have to understand the whole middle you where he came from the country the culture so finally you sat down you said all right i'm explaining the whole shebang i'm explaining how the ussr became what it became how it created a guy like putin but a society like one that could be a run by putin that about right as an outright emanate another way to think about is that every couple of years somebody sits down and says i'm going to write that russia booked to end overbooking so i figured i've been i've been added for thirty years it's my turn to write the russia to end all russia books so you could have started at any point since the bolshevik revolution or maybe the czars you chose to start a few years before the downfall of the soviet union y what we're trying to do and then you write it any starting point is chosen randomly and because i was i was particularly focused on the concept of totalitarianism i thought that it made sense to focus on a time when russia was starting to understand that it was a totalitarian country on the seventy was starting to anderson that was at the taliban control it seems like an obe rainer right we in the west knew that it was a totalitarian state actually that was aware there was never used.

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