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Poll knob, stop watching the porn and give us a call and said I'd love to hear from you one eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two we'll take your calls straight ahead. You're listening to the network News Radio twelve hundred is. I. Did you know that there is a new victim of identity theft, every two seconds? It means a criminal could be spending your money applying for loans in your name, and even damaging your good credit all without you, even knowing as a good thing. There's lifelock identity theft protection. Lifelock uses proprietary technology to detect and alert you to a wide range of identity threats like your social security number for sale on the dark web. And if you do have an issue involving identity theft, one of LifeLock's identity restoration specialists is going to work with you to fix it. Now, no one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses. But with lifelock you get identity theft protection and additional features to help protect your devices against cyber threats for as low as nine ninety nine a month. So visit lifelock dot com now use promo code rush. Save an extra ten percents off your first year. That's lifelock dot com and don't forget the name rush. Has the promo code. Hey, everybody. Twenty eighteen is in the books, which means that Turkey, neck and double chin are not getting better by chest ignoring them. Unfortunately, they'll be getting worse. So if you missed out on genius outrageous Christmas sale today's your lucky day because now the brand new Genucel Charline treatment is yours absolutely free. When you order the Genucell for under eye bags and puffiness, but wait here are also three free gifts that you will get for a limited time only the Genucel immediate effects for results in less than twelve hours. The Genucel XP our most advanced collagen builder anti wrinkle treatment and Chamonix will even throw in the Genucel eyelid treatment that's three free gifts, but you have to hurry. Call eight hundred eighty two two five nine four one or go to Genucel dot com. Call in the next twenty minutes, and you'll also get free express shipping. Call or click now hurry free gifts for a limited time while supplies last. Eight hundred eighty two two five nine four one or Genucel dot com. Genucel dot com, that's genius. L dot com. Happy new year from Kemp's gun show. Start the year off right this weekend at camp scan show guns knives, Anna coins and military, collectible thirty nine to five Sunday ten to four at the Austin highway vent center Cam scan show weekend every month, y'all come you? Hear the IRS finally caught.

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