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So markets in Japan are back online after a four day break in that period, the yen has strengthened by more than two and a half percent against the dollar and a short while ago, and announcement from the BOJ of unscheduled bond buying this is an operation that was or has been conducted for a fourth session as a way of reducing some of the speculation that has been building in markets that perhaps the BOJ is on the verge of scrapping yield curve control. You'll remember last month a bank of Japan doubled the cap on yields for the ten year JGB from 25 basis points all the way to 50 basis points. Currently, ten year JGB is trading with a yield of 40 basis points. And again, BOJ today with another unscheduled bond buying operation. The end right now flat against the greenback at one 31 spot zero two, but in the equity market, we've got the nikkei slumping by about the 1.2%. Pre market for the hang seng has us higher by about 9 tenths of 1% will get cash trading in about 7 minutes from now in Hong Kong when the market opens. Right now in Sydney, ASX 200 higher by about 1.3%, the cost is up a half of 1%. We'll take another look at markets in about 15 minutes from now. Head Baxter next with a look at global news headlines, Eddie All right, thank you very much, Doug history in the U.S. House of Representatives today, first time since 1923 that the House speaker hasn't been chosen on the first ballot

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