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Come here five times in the last five games, we would go for five. So just come in New York again. Game seven, you know, and everybody is anxious everybody's nervous signal and be able to execute. Believe in one another trust one another. It was it was. It was big time and now the Bucks will wait for today's game between the Hawks in the 70 Sixers to find out who they will play in the Eastern Conference finals. Those finals are expected to start on Wednesday, the Western Conference finals. They're getting underway this afternoon Game one between the Clippers and the sons. Brewers baseball. They come up with a big one yesterday as they knock off the Rockies by a 65 score down by a run in the ninth inning. Willie Adama's since a two run home run. He has a big game, going four for five with three runs. He had three doubles and then one home run. So four extra base hits for a Domus Brewers and Rockies are wrapping up their series this afternoon. The pitching matchup. The Brewers will have Eric lower on the mound. He is one in three cheeky Gonzalez will get the start for the Rockies. He is two and four a to 11th pitch this afternoon. Our coverage is set to begin at one o'clock with Brewer's warm up. Matt Polly WTMJ Sports Thanks so much Matt and coming up at 9 34, Greg mats. It's going to join us talk a little bit more about the game and what's next for the Bucks and also coming up in about three minutes. We're going to be talking with the local chef about how to prepare. The perfect steak for Dad. It's all they had in Wisconsin. Weekend Morning News, 9 18 and 71 degrees at WTMJ. June is Pride Month and good Karma Brands is celebrating with you. Good. Karma believed that the diversity of our voices in our community makes us stronger, acknowledging the struggles and celebrating how far we've come is our path to moving forward. Good karma, celebrating with pride, the uniqueness and all of us. There's an amazing supper club in Wisconsin Dells ish Nala, nestled among the pines and perched above the sandstone bluffs of Mirror Lake. The beauty, the history the service, the food, the fun. Hi. This is by Prosser Provisional Supper Club in Wisconsin Dells. I have been a part of ish knowledge for 30 years, and I am so proud to continue the tradition that began in 1953. Why not enjoy a brandy old fashioned in one of our bars, each with a spectacular view overlooking Merrill Lake? Just relax before or after dinner. And one of our outdoor decks. Irish fellow chefs have prepared your favorites. 24 ounce rib eye cold water, lobster tails North Atlantic salmon. And of course, it's not his roast duck. Thank you for making ish Nala, Wisconsin's favorite supper club where the only thing we overlook is mirror Lake. I'm Bob Prosser and I want to serve you. We found that whatever.

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