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Like, they have a great look we need to see them wrestle. This is a show where I don't feel like the name. So the tickets, I think I think genuinely with inex- t the brand sells tickets people want to be a part of an inex- t sellout to say, they were a part of the cool brand. So if it was me either mustache mountain or tree prophets would have been the team to get the match against war raiders. Yeah. So the story that way as much as I think ricochets smoothest wrestler ever announced her blacks, you know, great. I just think that war raiders needed to really be facing another established tag team for this to be that good. I think they went the route of let's put our brands best tag team against two of our branch. Biggest stars and let them overcome that. They should have been wrestling last month. Wait, I understand annex tease in our. But they should have been all more TV. Yeah. Yup. I agree. We talked about Shane obeys, Ronda Rousey, this is kind of more of a big picture question. But if wrote a row sees WWE run comes to an end at wrestlemainia shortly thereafter, and she never comes back. How is this year gonna be defined what when it comes to some of the comments on television? They're playing into it. But applying them to actual real real life criterion. Not building up a match or a feud. What how important was Rhonda to wear the women's division is today where it goes from here. I mean, you know, they don't get the wrestlemainia main event. If rod is not there, they don't they don't get their main event. They're not all on ESPN. Like, I definitely think she was the shot me arm that they needed. Her in ring stuff has been fantastic. She's his natural at this. Those hard throws those punches she's done a lot for them. I think that her legacy is going to be getting them to the next level. Like, we knew they were athletic. We knew they were having great matches. You know between all the stuff Sasha and Charlotte, did you know for that year year and a half where they were headed to others throats absolutely deserved to main event, pay per views in Rawes, and they were great. But. I think that bringing in a Ronda Rousey is kind of like bringing in a Mike Tyson Austin was already Austin and doing great stuff. Shawn michaels. Even though he was on his way out was already one of the best thing in ring performers that they had going, but Mike Tyson ad that legitimacy to this big event that they were having. So I think Rhonda should be treated in remembered. Similarly, if she never comes back, she gave you that physical legitimacy that you need it like, it's it's like would make Foley different triple h but on a way larger scale. Okay, I see that you can get down in the dirt. I see that this is not just exhibition. This is sport. Because a real athlete is getting in there with you and making this competition. So yeah, I think she should be appreciated and respected, and you know, praised for what she's been able to do for the women's division. Because they're any a better spot than they've ever been. If Becky wins. Does she need to be beat Rhonda in order to get the transference of all the things that Rhonda has or is it, okay? To keep Ron undefeated in singles competition and have Becky beat Charlotte in order to forward the Charlotte Becky rivalry, if that's the rationalization like how how does what how do you feel about that they should have Becky and Charlotte pin? Rhonda, and then make them go one on one afterward to Rhonda it to people to be on it. And that we have. No, I do think that beating Rhonda should be the end goal should be. What happens? I think that her losing..

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